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Susan W. Tanner said, “If a young woman learns how to cook delicious, nutritious meals, she will acquire skills to bless her future family, not only temporally but spiritually. Cooking skills can provide young women a way to create enticing times in her home where people gather to talk and to bond with each other…those who learn to make homemade meals have a skill that can help them also make good homes.”

A family realized they were deeply in debt. The mom said, “we stopped eating out. I culled the supermarket flyers for bargains and made simple, nutritious meals that pleased all of us. Over one supper of homemade burgers and salad, her 8-year-old son said, “Mom, this is better than eating out,” and his 6-year-old brother agreed. [Guideposts, May 2006, Mary Hunt, “The Good Life.”
Editable Monthly Menu Planner

Homemade Salted Nut Roll
 Cherry Coffee Cake
Banana Bread
Funeral Potatoes or Easy Cheesy Potatoes
Meat Ring - Not Loaf Recipe  
 Carmel Brownies
Lemon Bars
Cake Mix Cookies 
 Brownies and Chocolate Frosting

 Easy Lemon Pork Chops
 Grilled Shrimp
 Oatmeal Drop Cookies
 Sugar Cookies
 Taco Salad
 TGI Friday's Broccoli Cheese Soup
Ultimate Chicken Fingers 
 Zucchini Bars with Caramel Icing

 Zucchini Cookies
 Stuffed Zucchini
 Zucchini Bread
Twinkies Cake 
Homemade OREO Cookies
Chicken Pot Pie
Cream Cheese Chicken (Freezer Meal)
More Freezer Meals


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