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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ward Graduate Party

Day 4 in a row of Graduation Party's and more treats to make!!

A week before this party, Sister Mecham told me they were having a party to honor all of the graduates from our ward and they wanted Brady there too.

I usually work on Monday nights, so I changed my schedule to work Tuesday night instead.

Here is the invitation and the 6 young women/men from our ward that graduate this year.
They also wanted each graduate to bring their high school achievements for a table display, letting everyone one see their accomplishemnts.

I love showing off and talking about Brady's accomplishments so I started putting everything together for the display. All of Brady's stuff was squished on a table - he's done so many things in High School that I really had to pick and choose the highlights.

Here is a picture of his table:
Some of the items on the table were:

Pictures and programs from the High School Musicals Brady's participated in:
Brady was the Jester in "Once Upon a Mattress".
Brady was Cornelius Hackl in "Hello Dolly".

Brady's "Outstanding Choir Member" and their Choir shirt.

National Honor Society certificate and shirt. Brady was an officer and served as Treasurer for NHS.

I had to put a picture of the Harvest Dance of all the LDS Young Men and Women with the T-Shirt they wore "I heart This Mormon Girl". It's such a great idea that I had to share it.

His Seminary Graduation Certificate.

His straight "A" High School Transcript - and showing 10th of 340 students.

The Senior Project Oral Presentation grade.

Copies of the WarHoop School Newspaper where Brady served as the Business Manger and worked with outside business for advertising on the newspaper.

Cross Country team picture, certificate, t-shirt and School Letter "M" he earned (with XC pin and NHS pin).

Highest GPA Certificate and his honor cords.

Most of the families from our ward had NO IDEA that Brady did all of these things. They were impressed and Brady was blushing with all the attention. It was a fun evening / family home evening to share with ward members and celebrate the Seniors Graduating and their accomplishments.

I was asked to bring refreshments for the party too:

I also made Chocolate Cup Cakes with graduation caps on them. Blue and Gold are Meridian High School colors and Blue and Florescent Green is Mountain View's school colors.

Brady is the only one from our ward who went to Meridian High. The rest went to Mountain View.
I was tempted to do all the hats with Blue and Gold colors - but was nice instead and did half and half. Rah Rah Meridian High - *smiles.
I used:
 Unwrapped mini peanut butter cups for the base of the hat.
2 sections of a Hershey's candy bar make a square for the top of the hat. With a dab of frosting to secure the top of the hat to the base of the hat.

I used Rainbow Twizzlers for the tassel. I cut them to a good length and cut the Twizzler into ridges that represent the tassel colors.

They turned out really cute!

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Garden of Egan said...

What a great tribute for each of those Seniors!
The cookies are so cute! Thanks for sharing.


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