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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter 2013

 This year for Easter I had a house full of people because we watched Wicked the day before Easter.

I decided to take Zoey Michelle, Kate and Dawson over to the Meridian Village. We just love The Village. We had to take a few pictures in front of the chocolate bunny and the huge Easter eggs. 
 The Village decorates for each holiday. It's such fun!
 We sat around and watched the fountain, one of the great highlights at The Village. While we were there the fountains came alive and danced to "Jump" from Van Halen! It was the first time I had been there when the fountain performed to a song.

Another thing I love about the village is the music playing outside all the time. It's a relaxing atmosphere.

Later that evening when Rhonda and Autumn arrived we went back and enjoyed The village in the evening (just the adults - we left the kids home). It was a perfect evening. 
 Dawson and Kate played with the Hula Hoops they have around the play ground (next to the fountain). 
 They had a great time while Zoey Michelle and I were able to visit with each other. 
 Kate on the play ground.
 Kate and Dawson
 A beautiful pose from our cute Miss Kate. 

After Wicked was over we went over to my niece Robyn's house (Zoey Michelle's sister) to have an Easter egg hunt for all the cousins. 

 Sharon, Zoey Michelle, Cindy and I hid the eggs around Robyn's yard.

 All the kids read for the hunt. 
Jadyn, Halle, Bristol, Kate, Faith, Dawson and Colt. 

Ready, set, Gooooooo!
 Kate and Dawson

 My sister Cindy in the back ground with Kaylor (the youngest). 
 Run, run .... so many eggs to find!

 Hallee and Faith finding them in the trees - along with Tag the dog who kept finding and eating them too (shaking head). 
 Kaylor is finding eggs too!

 Zoey Michelle helping Bristol find some eggs too. 

 Here they are after the Easter Egg hunt. There were so many eggs and they all filled their baskets. 
Pictures are finished and now they are off to see all the treats they found!

It is always a fun day with children, they make holidays the best!

I was blessed that everyone was in town to share Easter!

On Easter day we attended church at my niece's ward where my sister Cindy sang "I Heard Him Come" while her daughter Zoey Michelle played for her. After the meeting we shared Easter dinner at Robyn's house before everyone left to go back home to Pocatello.

Wicked - April 2014

In October 2013 we did a group purchase for Wicked that was scheduled to be in Boise April 2014. We decided to purchase the front row seats and were on row B. It was AWESOME being so close. 
 Lots of my family from Pocatello were coming for the show, so I decided to make it extra fun by having a Wicked party.
 I made these fun cup cakes. I made a white cake mix and colored the batter pink for the good witch and green for the other good witch. The crowns were purchased from Zurchers and the witches hats were made from a chocolate coin and a Hershey's kiss. They turned out pretty cute and yummy. 
 I made gift boxes for everyone. The green baskets were purchased at the Dollar Tree 2 for $1.00 - such a great deal. I put green Easter grass in the bottom. The front treats were Tin Man kisses, which I thought was such a cute treat idea.

I wanted to make yellow rice crispy treats and cut like a yellow brick road, but never had time to do it once everyone arrived. I also wanted to make witches brooms out of a cheese string and a pretzel but never got those made either. But, it's a great idea for next time. There were some many fun ideas on Pintrest to make a Wicked party special. 
 This is the girls basket. The wand, witch's potion bubbles, the "Wicked - Defying Gravity" pen and the glasses (to go to the Emerald City) and the ear ring (kit) from Oriental Trading.
One Short Day is the song when they go to the Emerald City.

We all took our glasses to the performance and put them on during the song. Just getting into the show - like the bunch of nerds we are *wink.
 The boys had a key chain instead of ear rings (which I made with the earrings) and no finger nail polish for the boys. . 

 The ear rings came as a kit - not put together. I kept procrastinating putting them together, but I finally finished them. 
 They turned out really cute!!!!
I didn't want them to get lost in the basket, so I attached them to a sign I found on Pinterest. 

Defying Gravity!!!!
 Faith (Zoey's daughter), Zoey Michelle (Brandon - not shown), Sondra, (Kate in front of me), Rhonda and Autumn, my sister Cindy and Jason and Sharon all watched WICKED!! We had to get a picture of us with our glasses on and our finger nails painted. 
The night before the show we always watch "The Wizard of Oz" and we painted our finger nails green while watching the movie. My hands are the "old looking hands on the left side, Zoey Michelle's on the bottom and Faith is on the right had side. It was lots of fun!!

 More pictures!
 Zoey Michelle's family minus Dawson. All ready to go to WICKED!! Can't wait!!
 Jason and Sharon.
 Brandon, Zoey Michelle, Cindy, Faith and Sondra. 
Outside the Morrison Center after the show. It was WONDERFUL! 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cuteness Bunny Ears

My niece Tracy posted this picture of her son. I just love those bunny ears and had to share this cute idea.
Oh, the cuteness of that little bunny boy.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Patio Furniture

 Today my new splurge was delivered.... A new patio set and rug. 
The wicker and green love seat, two chairs and table. 
The flower chairs are old and what I've normally had for several years. 
 I love it, and am super excited to have my outdoor room ready to enjoy all summer long. 
There is lots of seating for all my family and friends. 
I absolutely love the rug, as it really makes this feel like a living area / extension to the house. 
I usually put a TV outside on the patio too and live out here all summer long

I just am giddy with excitement for my new luxury outside living space.
I know the blind is kind of funky but I need something to curb the sun from heating up the patio. I'd like to put some type of living material to block out the sun light, but haven't figured out what to do yet. I've thought about arborvitae shrubs, but the space might not be big enough to hold them as they grow. 

I may purchase 3 of them and keep them in a pot for this season and see what I think and if I should plant them. 

Well, I'm off to sit on the patio and read a book. 
"Happy Sondra" - grin.


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