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Monday, October 29, 2012

Kate's Hair Meets Green Silly Putty before Kaylor's Baby Blessing

We love silly putty!
I have lots of eggs sitting in our TV room.
We play with it as we watch TV.
We stretch it, twist it and enjoy it.
It's our favorite. 
 Normally when children come to our house I put it away. However, during Zoey Michelle's visit to tour the Boise Temple I forgot to put it away.
The kids were playing with it - which was OK by me.
Kate and Dawson usually sleep in the TV room on the reclining chairs. When Kate woke up Sunday morning I was sitting at the computer and she came to me and showed me a huge glob of green silly putty in her hair.
I said, "Your mom is going to kill me" and I called for Zoey Michelle.
We were getting ready to attend Zoey Michelle's sister Robyn's new daughter "Kaylor's" baby blessing.
I quickly googled how to get silly putty out. It said use rubbing alcohol.
We set Kate down at the kitchen sink and went after her hair with peanut butter and hot water. It just wasn't coming out and Zoey was freaking out a little. Green silly putty in blond hair is not a good look!
I went and grabbed a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol and poured it on Kate's hair and started working it in. Zoey Michelle had to walk away, she was so upset that I was ruining her daughter's hair.
But, it started to break apart and we were able to get the silly putty out of her hair.
Zoey Michelle was still really worried about the damage I had caused her daughter hair and said that she would put on an extra moisturizing application on her hair when they got home.
Poor little girl. I was so sad that this happened at my house and as we were getting ready for Kaylor's Blessing.
There was still peanut butter in Kate's hair, so while Zoey Michelle was washing her hair my sister Christine came to pick us up to go to church.
We took Faith and Dawson with us and left for church.
Zoey Michelle, Brandon and Kate came in later, but made it in time for the actual blessing.
 Here is little Kaylor!
It is Kaylor's big day to have a Priesthood blessing to be given a name and a blessing to start out her life with.
 She sure is a pretty little girl!
 Even though the morning was interrupted with green silly putty, we made it to Kaylor's blessing.
Here is Kaylor's family!
 Jason (Dad), Hallee behind dad, Colt, Robyn (mom), Mom holding Kaylor, Jadyn next to mom and Bristol in front of dad.
Such a precious family!
As side note from January 11, 2013, Zoey Michelle posted on my facebook account:
Sondra, you are never going to guess what happened. Kate had some orange silly putty and it got on Brandon's new homemade quilt from Christmas! I have no idea where she got it, but just for the record, if anyone ever buys us silly putty, it is going STRAIGHT into the garbage!
(She was able to get it out with Rubbing Alcohol)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Doodle Art with the Jolley's

During the weekend visit from Zoey Michelle and her family, we spent time doodling or coloring Halloween Doodle Art Alley pictures. I love Doodle Art Alley and their free coloring pictures and quotes. Sometimes I just want to color and this is where I download and print of fun things to color while I'm watching TV.
Did I tell you I was quite weird? Well, I am and I love to color! You should check out their website - it is awesome - here!!!
Kate coloring Doodle Art Alley pictures as she waits for everyone to get ready to attend the Boise Temple Open house.
 It's such fun! I had all of these pictures on my refrigerator and this isn't all that we colored - these are the ones they left for Aunt Sondra.
 Everyone colored a pictures - except for Brandon - who must not be weird like the rest of us - he's just too cool - LOL!
 I vant to suck your blood!
Ooo oooo hh Ooooo Oooo HHhhhh ... scary ghosts - colored by Faith.
I had to throw in a few pictures of the kids - Dawson's school picture. Very handsome young man!
 Monsters -- I'm getting scared!
 Creepy skulls - that my boys would have loved.
 Zoey Michelle's artwork. I started one of these, but didn't finish it when they left.
Faith's school picture.
Faith was really disappointed that Brady doesn't live here anymore because she wants a rematch of playing Life with Brady. She even wrote him a cute note that he still owed her a game. I just love Faith!
Creepy Crawly spiders.
And I LOVE Kate's pumpkin art.
We had a bunch of fun coloring doodle art through the weekend.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Trunk Or Treat

While Zoey Michelle's family was visiting for the weekend, we also were able to go to my ward's trunk or treat. I'm glad I brought my camera to take a few pictures.
Zoey Michelle's comment about our Trunk or Treat:  I thought that we basically knew how trunk or treats went, but let me tell you. These Boise people really know how to do it!!!

First, they had PLENTY of food (chili and taco soups) to feed the group inside the church. (I made a pot of chili and a pot of taco soup. Everything was yummy!)

Next, I couldn't believe the costumes that I saw there. Really, I mean, they went all out!!!

A couple of my Primary class kids: Ella was Red Riding Hood. And the Kendell, the girl in black? Well, let's get another angle.
Yep! A skunk!
A few angels and a goddess
Jaylynn, Isabelle, Alexis (not quite sure who the baby is)

Fun vampire girl - Shelby - another Primary class kid.
And another Primary class kid - Hyrum - we LOVED him as a pirate! That's a classic!
Layci - One of my favorites was this jellyfish
Natalie, Kaelyn and Sarah are candy corns? Too sweet too eat for sure!!!

And then, not only were the kids dressed up, but most of the adults too!

Loved this Ninja Turtle - Isaac, complete with shell and all! They shell is a backpack - fun, isn't it?

Isaac was just a Primary boy when I moved into the ward, now he's married and was Brady's Home Teaching Companion when he lived here. I'm getting old seeing all these kids growing up.
I totally got a kick out of Sean as the Flash. Big Bang Theory!!
Complete with the Flash shoes too! Fun!
When we went outside for the trunk or treat, we saw this fun sight! Pumpkin bon fires baby from the Fastabend family!!! They do this every year! They fire shot up probably 3 feet high when he gave it the juice.

Great car ideas. These 2 were scientist and gave out samples of homemade root beer along with a science experiment for the kids to do.
The Bennion family's car - This pumpkin had actual light bulbs eyes in the pumpkin. I really have no idea how they made them light up!!!
The Mecham's truck with their cute daughter and fun pumpkins.
It was almost like Ripley's Believe It or Not all night at the Townsend family truck!!!

Seth as Harry Potter - his family car above. (one of my Primary kids)
By the end of the evening, everyone was visiting and chatting. It was just SO much fun!!!
Miss Kate is a fairy.
 Dawson was a wizard.
 Faith was Pocahontas - we had to talk her into wearing it though. She is a teenager after all. She looked darling. Thanks Faith for humoring Aunt Sondra
I'm happy that they were here this weekend to join in all the fun! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hope's Baptism

My dear sweet niece is 8 years old and time to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!!!!
 It's time to be baptized and be washed clean of all sins. This is her first ordinance on the path back to live with Heavenly Father.
 Now that she is old enough, she is able to make sacred covenants with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
A covenant is a 2 way promise.
When Hope is baptized, she makes a covenant to:
Take upon herself the name of Jesus Christ and to serve him and be obedient.
Heavenly Father covenants to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost to help her throughout her life. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, she can be forgiven of her sins when she repents. If Hope keeps her baptismal covenant, she can return to live with Heavenly Father again.
 I am so happy for Hope and the choices she is making. She is such a sweet girl.
When speaking with her mom, Rhonda, I asked her if she had found a white dress for Hope. She couldn't find a dress in October because white is out of season.
I told her I would purchase a white dress for Hope as her birthday and baptism gift from Aunt Sondra.
I found the most beautiful dress!
 It was so beautiful I couldn't resist to give it to her. I think every girls should have 3 white dresses: Blessing Dress, Baptism Dress and Wedding Dress.
Hope was excited when she received the package. She felt like a princess - which every little girl should feel like!
Our beautiful Hope ready to leave for the big occasion!!!! 
She is a happy girl!
Here is the program for Hope's baptism. It was really odd that their stake doesn't hold a stake baptism. Each child has their own. AND they made Rhonda the mom make her own program. I just shook my head. I know it is special for the child - but it is such a difference from our Stake. I thought it was a mandate from church head quarters to combine the baptism. It's weird to me when every place/stake in the church doesn't follow the same rules.
Anyway, Rhonda made up the program and with the first picture above as the front of the program. 

Hope and her Dad (my brother), Richard all dress in the jumpsuit and ready for the program to begin and then be baptized.
 Their stake center is really old and I couldn't believe that they did NOT have any big artwork around the building. We made due with what they had, but I was disappointed they didn't have a picture of the Savior being baptized by John the Baptist.
I'm such a spoiled girl to go to a church with beautiful artwork - which I took for granted until I saw that their stake house didn't have it. Now when I enter my own church building I am filled with joy at the beauty around me. I am a very visual person and it just makes me happy and feel close to the spirit with such beautiful artwork!
 After the baptism and dressed again in her baptism dress. Then we went back into the chapel for the talk on the Holy Ghost - by Aunt Sondra!
Then Hope had her 2nd ordinance done, she was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and received the gift of the Holy Ghost!
Richard, her dad performed the Baptism and Confirmation!
Richard and Rhonda have 3 daughters: Autumn, Tymber and Hope. This is the first ordinance Richard has been able to do for his daughters. He was inactive for Autumn and Tymber.
Anyway ... it was exciting to have Richard baptise and confirm his baby daughter. It was such a special experience!! 
You are a child of God, He is your Heavenly Father. He loves you and cares about you. He wants you to have faith in Him and pray to Him often - anytime, anywhere.
He hopes you will keep the covenant you made when you were baptized and follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. He has given you the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide you, a family to love and teach you to be a righteous young woman.
We encourage you to learn and live the gospel, serve others and use the talents Heavenly Father has given you to learn and do many good things.


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