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Monday, December 22, 2014

Year in Photos

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about blogging is having a chance to review what you've done the past year. Sometimes I think I lead a very boring life, but then when I look back I remember all the fun I've had. 

Here is a glimpse of my 2014 year in Photo's - compliments from Google+

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Brady's Christmas Tree 2014

Brady received his Christmas tree and packages in the mail today. He sent me the picture above to show me how fun it is all set up. I ordered the 4 1/2 foot tree off of Amazon, and am glad to see how cute it is without additional decorations.

He loves having a Christmas tree, which really makes me happy. He's never wanted one before, but since we are spending Christmas with him this year I insisted that he needed one.

I can't wait until Christmas day when we arrive. It's going to be a grand Christmas with all my children. It's been a few years since that has happened. I cherish those moments when we can all be together with all our busy schedules and the different States we live in. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy 12/13/14

Today is one of those fun consecutive dates. Do you feel lucky?

We've been enjoying a nice holiday season. Decorations are up, shopping is done and packages are wrapped and under the tree or shipped. I've never been this organized - ever. 

It's a nice feeling to not have any worries and know that I am ready for Christmas day. I'm enjoying the holidays much more without stress. I'm loving 2014 holiday season. Are you?

Wishing you a wonderful lucky day! 

Today represents the last sequential calendar date for at least 20 years January 2, 2034 - 1/2/34) and another 89 years for January 2, 2103 - 1/2/3. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Outside Christmas Lights 2014

 I finished my Christmas decorating today!!! Hooray!

I finally had the time and the weather wasn't too bad to get my Christmas lights up.
For a couple of years I've had my lights attached to the garland I string around my house. 

I changed all the lights on the garland this year. To get all the previous lights off the garland, I just grabbed my pliers and cut away at them, until it was all removed. While I was cutting off the lights, I also fluffed the garland boughs. 

The new lights actually came from my old tree decorations. I bought a new pre-lit Christmas tree this year, so I have a ton of multi-colored lights which I used on the garland. It's nice to recycle them and not have to purchase anything new. 
 I love the new lights. All of the colors look brighter and every light strand works - which is a huge plus. 
A glowing picture of my Christmas Garland.

I love that it looks very festive in the daytime and the nighttime. 

It's nice to have it done and now I can just sit back for the rest of the month and enjoy the season.

I also have ALL of my Christmas shopping done. I think that is a first. I haven't wrapped a thing yet. But, after it is wrapped, I will ship most of it to Salt Lake City, because we will be spending Christmas there this year with my youngest son Brady. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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