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Friday, December 2, 2016

Meridian's Winter Lights Parade

Braving the cold weather, I made it down to the Meridian Idaho Winter Wonderland Lights Parade. 

The parade and where the tree lighting is held on Idaho and Main in Meridian. There were a lot of people there watching The Grinch animated cartoon on the side of a building. There was also a stage for the local TV Station on the right with lighted trees. They served free hot coco to keep everyone warm.  
 Meridian still has a small town feel and has many great activities for families. 

We were all bundled up to keep us warm because it was a crisp cold night to watch the parade.

I decided I would walk the path instead of trying to stay warm in a chair - it was a great idea!
 What a sight to behold all the beautifully lit floats. 
 Here is the Idaho Potato that they drop from a crane in downtown Boise on New Year's eve. An new Idaho tradition. 

 A human nativity - sorry it's blurry. 
 The Winter land Lights Parade is my favorite! 
 I love all the lights and Christmas music through the air as the floats go by. 

 It really starts the Christmas spirit to bloom inside your heart. In the back ground is the Meridian city building. 

 The mobile Library bus - sharing the gift of reading all around Meridian.

 A Christmas boat in the mix of all the cars. 

Oh, I'm so excited ... look who is coming? 
 It's Santa Claus!!
After Santa made it to the end of the parade at Idaho and Main, they light the Christmas tree.
 And BOOM, fireworks lit the sky! 
I loved attending and I love our small town. Let the Christmas season begin!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Winter Warriors Take 2

Tonight was the 2nd time attending Winter Warriors. 

Earlier today there were snow flurries in the valley and more snow predicted. Lucky for me, it stopped snowing without any accumulation on the ground. The walking path was clear.

When I saw the snow, I was wondering if I really wanted to do this and be outdoors in the snow, sleet or rain. 

But, that is why I signed up for the Winter Warrior program, to encourage me to go out and move during the dark winter months.

Because I ran with my walking group on the hike this past Saturday, I was encouraged to do walking / running intervals.

I did 4 minutes of walking and 1 minute of running intervals.  I did it!! Woo Hoo!

I dressed really warm ... too warm. In fact, all my clothing and hair were soaking wet from the sweat. 

Next time I won't wear as many warm clothing. I guess it will be trial and error until I know what works for me to stay warm but not too hot. 

Every time I go I meet new people. This is a very fun lively group! It's been a great journey as I get fit and the weight off. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Eagle State Park Walk

On my quest to stay active during Thanksgiving, I had planned on doing some walking and hiking. 

Thanksgiving day I went on a good hour walk in the late afternoon to burn off the calories from Thanksgiving dinner. 9134 steps

Friday I took down all the Thanksgiving decorations and put up all the Christmas decoration. It kept me active all day long and I ended up with 9283K steps. 

Thanksgiving day I received a message from Kathy asking if I'd like to get together Saturday morning to do a trail called the Rabbit Run. Located at Eagle State Park 11800 N Horseshoe Bend Rd Eagle, ID 83714

Here is our messages to each other via facebook:

Sondra: A run? Ummm. I don't run.

Kathy: Barb is going so it is probably a walk. Rabbit Run is the name of the trail.

Kathy: Really I think we are planning on walking it.

Kathy: We plan on walking Rabbit run trail and the junk yard trail the two together equal 5 miles.

Sondra: Yes, I think I'd like to join in, so plan on me being there. If by chance I can't I'll send you a text.

Kathy: great

Kathy was able to round up a few extra people to join in. I absolutely love meeting all these new people and being active. 

I asked Brady if he'd like to join the walk and he decided to come along for all the fun.
 Back: Maxine and Brady
Middle: Kathy and Sondra
Front: Nancy, Loni and Barb

I love the "before photo" before I'm all sweaty.

Nancy and Kathy did a running 5K practise before this trail. They are machines!
Brady, Sondra, Barb and Maxine
 I had never been on this trail before. I love getting to know all these new places in the area.
 I love the we stop now and then to catch our breath.
 It was a nice November morning. I am enjoying not having snow and frosty weather.
 It was also nice that the trail wasn't wet and muddy. 
 I was sweating and had to take off my jacket - that is how nice of a November day it was. 

The trail wasn't too steep, but it did go up hill. It is good for me to have an incline, but I do lose my breath quite easily going up hill. Great conditioning on my quest to get fit. 
 I'm also pretty proud to say that I did run quite a few times. 
 Brady was SHOCK and proud that I can run/jog now. I've been working really hard this year to get in shape. It's nice to see that I am increasing my endurance.
 Another group shot and no more beautiful hair - ha ha ha. I'm all sweaty.
Back: Maxine, Sondra and Brady
Front: Barb, Loni and Nancy.

I have to say that Nancy is a machine. She is a fast runner and had to keep waiting for us. She is also 72 years old!! WOW! I want to be running and looking so young when I am 72. I'm so impressed and motivated just by meeting her. 
Brady took this picture so Kathy could join in the group shot.

I love going on these walks!
I love that I was able to run today!
I love meeting all these new people every time I join in.
It's a great group to associate with. 
It is also very motivating to live an active lifestyle. 

I am also very thankful that Brady was able to be here and go with me!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Blessed Beyond Measure!

One of my customers just moved into a smaller house. She asked me if I wanted any of the furniture she couldn't use. I said I'd love to have a few items. She gave everything she didn't want for FREE!

Yes, I am so blessed. There were quite a few items I couldn't take because I don't have the space for it and I don't believe in paying for storage. 

Here are the items I am now the proud owner of!!! Yippee!
 A beautiful dresser! I put this in my bedroom.
 Another dresser! I put this in my TV room and put my flat screen TV on it. I have all the extra blankets tucked inside the drawers. 
 A night stand! I put this in the TV room too. I put it between the 2 lazy boys. I put extra DVDs in the drawers. 

I love the extra storage that helped make the room look cleaner and more organized. 

The little table that was in the TV room between the chairs is now a night stand in Jason's room. 
 I didn't take the 2 twin beds, but I took the night stand. 

I put this night stand in my bedroom and put the older night stand in Jason's room. 
And these beautiful outdoor lounge chairs and table!! I can't wait until next summer to start laying around outside on these nice lounge chairs.

 I'm very excited about all of this beautiful furniture.

I'm such a lucky girl... All of those blessings for FREE!

Also while I went and cleaned my business customer, a trucking company, the owner asked me if I wanted some trout he caught over the weekend. Of course!
I brought them home and ran them through my food saver machine and put them in the freezer. They are some BIG fish. I'm so excited to eat them! 

I am so blessed!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fleet Feet Winter Warrior

One of the great things about having friends who are active and runners is the pressure they put on you into joining activities they are involved in. 

Kathy told me about a program Fleet Feet winter warrior program. 

Fleet Feet Sports offers running/walking footwear, sports bras, athletic apparel, arch supports, training programs, race teams, fun runs, weight loss programs, personal coaching, and much more!  
The Fleet Feet Sports network shares new and innovative ideas to better serve you and your unique needs while continuing to build a culture that puts health and fitness to the forefront of your life.

Located in the Village at Meridian, Fleet Feet Sports serves the larger Boise running community from a very convenient and central location. 
Program Dates: November 2016 - March 2017

Program Goals: Keep you active, outside and motivated with a group during the Idaho winter

Program Cost: $12.  Registration closes November 17th.

How the Program Works
The Winter Warrior Program is an incentive program to keep you active and outside enjoying the winter weather. Check-in and participate in weekly workouts and races to earn points. These points will earn prizes (and bragging rights) along the way. Let's layer up, lace up your trail shoes and have some fun this winter!

Attend any of Fleet Feet Sports or Team Run Boise weekly workouts and earn 5 POINTS every time you participate
Attend any of our approved winter races and receive 10 Points.
Prize Point Values 

50 points- Good Prize
75 points- Even Better Prize
100 points- Great Prize
125 points- Raffle for a super fantastic prize 

As a Winter Warrior you will receive:

Prizes and incentives for attending workouts and earning points
Fun events and themed workouts
I signed up. I need motivation for the upcoming months.

Tuesday the weather was cold and dark at 6 pm. What was I getting myself into?

We met at Fleet Feet and Brandon the owner gave us some instructions. Then we headed to Kleiner Park for the walk/run. I left with the ladies I hiked to Table Rock with and quickly understood that they were gong to be running. 

Again, I thought "What have I gotten myself into?" I am not a runner and was assured that there would be walkers there too. While I was warming up with the runners, a group of people asked if I was Sondra and a walker. YES!!! Kathy sent them to find me so I could walk with them.

It was very dark and scary. I was so thankful to be walking with a group of people. I couldn't do the walk in the dark by myself. Way too scary. 

We had flashlights, but I quickly knew that if I was going to do this I needed to get some reflective gear. I ordered some and it's on it's way. 

I had a great time meeting new people, Jessica, Nick and Jay. 

Now I am signed up for "Meet Me Monday's" for a 7am walk at the mall and Winter Warriors at 6pm on Wednesdays outside. 

I am excited and determined to stay active and motivated during the cold dark winter months.

My Spark People Biggest loser challenge starts again December 7th. We are still the Scarlet Dragons!! However, within our Scarlet Dragon team we have mini-teams to increase the challenge aspect of the challenge. 

The Mini-teams are:
  Hungarian Horntails
Romanian Ridgebacks
Swedish Short-Snouts (my team)

It's going to be fun having an new Biggest Loser Challenge, along with the 2 walking programs I'm doing. This year has been a journey to enjoy being an empty nester and find a great new life as I age. 

Continuing to find "Joy in the Journey" - after your children are grown. 


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