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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Eagle State Park Walk

On my quest to stay active during Thanksgiving, I had planned on doing some walking and hiking. 

Thanksgiving day I went on a good hour walk in the late afternoon to burn off the calories from Thanksgiving dinner. 9134 steps

Friday I took down all the Thanksgiving decorations and put up all the Christmas decoration. It kept me active all day long and I ended up with 9283K steps. 

Thanksgiving day I received a message from Kathy asking if I'd like to get together Saturday morning to do a trail called the Rabbit Run. Located at Eagle State Park 11800 N Horseshoe Bend Rd Eagle, ID 83714

Here is our messages to each other via facebook:

Sondra: A run? Ummm. I don't run.

Kathy: Barb is going so it is probably a walk. Rabbit Run is the name of the trail.

Kathy: Really I think we are planning on walking it.

Kathy: We plan on walking Rabbit run trail and the junk yard trail the two together equal 5 miles.

Sondra: Yes, I think I'd like to join in, so plan on me being there. If by chance I can't I'll send you a text.

Kathy: great

Kathy was able to round up a few extra people to join in. I absolutely love meeting all these new people and being active. 

I asked Brady if he'd like to join the walk and he decided to come along for all the fun.
 Back: Maxine and Brady
Middle: Kathy and Sondra
Front: Nancy, Loni and Barb

I love the "before photo" before I'm all sweaty.

Nancy and Kathy did a running 5K practise before this trail. They are machines!
Brady, Sondra, Barb and Maxine
 I had never been on this trail before. I love getting to know all these new places in the area.
 I love the we stop now and then to catch our breath.
 It was a nice November morning. I am enjoying not having snow and frosty weather.
 It was also nice that the trail wasn't wet and muddy. 
 I was sweating and had to take off my jacket - that is how nice of a November day it was. 

The trail wasn't too steep, but it did go up hill. It is good for me to have an incline, but I do lose my breath quite easily going up hill. Great conditioning on my quest to get fit. 
 I'm also pretty proud to say that I did run quite a few times. 
 Brady was SHOCK and proud that I can run/jog now. I've been working really hard this year to get in shape. It's nice to see that I am increasing my endurance.
 Another group shot and no more beautiful hair - ha ha ha. I'm all sweaty.
Back: Maxine, Sondra and Brady
Front: Barb, Loni and Nancy.

I have to say that Nancy is a machine. She is a fast runner and had to keep waiting for us. She is also 72 years old!! WOW! I want to be running and looking so young when I am 72. I'm so impressed and motivated just by meeting her. 
Brady took this picture so Kathy could join in the group shot.

I love going on these walks!
I love that I was able to run today!
I love meeting all these new people every time I join in.
It's a great group to associate with. 
It is also very motivating to live an active lifestyle. 

I am also very thankful that Brady was able to be here and go with me!!

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