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Friday, November 11, 2016

Another Hike To Table Rock

I know I haven't been publishing my weight loss. I'm at 250 days on Spark People and my weight loss journey. I am down 40 pounds. The last 10 have been a struggle. I go down and then up and then down. I'm happy to have lost 40 pounds and am still active on my weight loss journey. 

Saturday, November 11, 2016 I went on a hike to Table Rock with the Boise Spark Team and friends. It was really nice to meet new friends and have a bigger group - 5 people. I have really enjoyed getting to meet new people and going on hikes. 

This post has a photo overload - beware. There were so many great photos that I couldn't choose just a few. 
Loni, Lisa, Barb and Kathy
I am trying to have more pictures of me in them and to feel beautiful even at this weight. I've went through to many years not having my picture taken and I'm trying to just go with it. It is my life and even though I am heavy right now, I still need photos with me in them.

One of the things I read a lot when people lose a ton of weight - they wish they had more pictures to compare in the journey. Even though I don't enjoy looking at pictures of myself - I'm trying to transform my thinking into self love at any weight. One day when I'm gone and my children go through my blog books - they'll be happy to have photos of their mom. 
Here is a look at Table Rock - it's a huge cross that looks over the Boise Valley. The hike takes about an hour to hike up to it. 
It was a beautiful November day - short sleeve T-shirt and no jacket for me. 2016 Fall weather has been wonderful.
We took a detour to see if we could find a different trail and found these fun rocks stacked. Even though the trail didn't take us anywhere near the trail to table rock - it was a fun adventure. 
Lisa, Kathy, Barb and Loni on the trail to nowhere. 
Barb and Sondra

Even though the trail didn't lead us where we wanted to go - these were cool rock steps and it was a fun little hike before we had to turn around and go back to the beginning of the "Trail to Nowhere". 
 At look down to where we began the hike. 
 A view of the Boise Valley a little way up the trail. 
 Taking a little break to catch our breath. This ladies all participate in running programs and run a lot of 5K, 10K's and marathons. It's very motivating to find a group that encourages me to do a little better all the time - not to mention get out of my comfort zone and live.
Getting closer to Table Rock and seeing the "B" on the mountain.
 Another stopping place with a view. Picture time!!
Lisa, Loni, Barb and Kathy
 Lisa, Sondra, Barb and Kathy

It's kind of weird to be the tallest person - all 5 foot 3 inches of me. 
Ta Da... I'm being brave getting my picture taken. 
Kathy, Lisa, Barb and Sondra

 We made it! There was a dog that decided to do a photo bomb. He is in between Barb and me. 
It made us laugh that he just sat there getting his picture taken. I wish it wasn't so dark so you could see how cute he was. 
While we were there, a group of ladies doing a service project cleaning up the litter and they were owners of the photo bombing dog.
 We made sure to thank them for their service in cleaning up this beautiful landmark. 

Although it's sad that anyone should clean up litter and that people litter. 
 More photos of these wonderful woman providing service. Thank you!!
A selfie! 

It was a beautiful walk with wonderful women. 
I'm so happy to have found people to walk and hike with. 
Lucky Me!

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