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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Brady's Halloween Costume 2016

When Brady posted his costume on Facebook I was totally blown away. 

Brady's Facebook posts: "Happy Halloween mortals. I'm digging my night crawler costume this year."

Yellow Contacts? Wow!
He did an amazing job on his make up!
 His eyes totally freak me out a little. That is such dedication for Halloween to purchase cool contacts for his costume!
 If you don't know who Night Crawler is - he is an X-Man!
I guess they were having a small party at their house that ended up with more people then they thought would come. It ended up being a Rage. The Party was Saturday, Oct 29th.

Brady is having the best time living with roommates and in a house by the college. He's making lots of memories. 

The reason I knew they had a party at their house was because Ellen, Brady's roommate's Facebook post: Playing "the floor is lava" as a child is really good training for when you're an adult and you have to attempt to get around your house after you accidentally throw a rager.

I can't leave out Ellen's costume - WOW!!
Ellen is a beautiful woman - but WOW look at her costume with cool contacts too! Amazing!
On Monday, Halloween day - Brady dressed up like this:
Brady's facebook post: I impulse bought some spider web suspenders in September and then impulse bought this spider web bow tie last week. Now it's my adorbs adult Halloween costume to greet trick or treaters with. #LoveTheGeek

Awe, he's just too cute! I'm such a proud mama!

Unfortunately he didn't get one trick or treater. So sad.

Here is more of the facebook conversation that I have to save for my blog book. They make me laugh! When the only trick-or-treater Brady and Ellen got was the pizza guy...and Vinson paid him to show up.

*Hears a knock at door*
Brady: Did we get one? (Trick-or-treater)
Vince: The pizza's here!
Brady: Dang it! You got my hopes up.
Ellen: (To the delivery guy) Do you want some candy?
Pizza guy: Umm sure!
Ellen: Can you say trick or treat?
Pizza guy: Trick or treat!
Brady: Yea!

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