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Monday, October 29, 2018

What I have been doing during the past 2 years!

A lot has changed in my life since I last blogged. I've traveled more. Spent Christmas 2016 in Long Beach California. We had a blast.
My sons and me. Jason, Brady and Sondra 

Brady has graduated from University of Utah and is successfully employed with GE Healthcare.

 Sondra and Brady
Brady and his 2 best friends: Meher, Brady and Ellen

We went to Ixtapa Mexico in 2017:
Brady, Jason, Sondra, Lawrence, Mitch 
A view from our room. 

I also went on a Cruise the fall of 2017. I love the water. We were blessed to have a mini suit. Lawrence asked if I wanted to share it with him. Of course I did. It went from Vancouver BC Canada to Long Beach, CA. The food, entertainment and people were fabulous. I loved every minute of it. 

January 2018 I became a Grandma! 
 Christine and Jason

My granddaughter Eedi. Pronounced saying the names of these letters: "E" "D". Unique and beautiful. They picked the name from both of the grandmothers middle name. My middle name is Dee and they put it backwards for Eedi, the other grandmother is Lori Ann. My beautiful granddaughter name is Eedi Ann.  
 Eedi Ann a day old in the hospital.
 Eedi at 2.5 months old. 

 Eedi's first Easter. 
Eedi 4 months old. 
 Grandma and Eedi watching the balloons light up at Boise Idaho Hot Air Balloon festival. 
Eedi 8 months old. 
 The grandma's and grandpa's
 Grandma Sondra in the back (Jason's mom)
Grandma Lori and Grandpa Jay (Christine's Parents)
Eedi is on Mitch's lap. 
The Papa's Mitch and Lawrence (Lawrence is Jason's Dad and Mitch is his husband)
 Our modern family. 
 Eedi 8 months old
Halloween 2018.
My mom Great Grandma Zoey, Sondra, Christine, Jason and Grandma Lori with Eedi in the front. 
At the Farmstead, Meridian Idaho. 

All I can say is life is pretty great! I couldn't be happier!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Meridian's Winter Lights Parade

Braving the cold weather, I made it down to the Meridian Idaho Winter Wonderland Lights Parade. 

The parade and where the tree lighting is held on Idaho and Main in Meridian. There were a lot of people there watching The Grinch animated cartoon on the side of a building. There was also a stage for the local TV Station on the right with lighted trees. They served free hot coco to keep everyone warm.  
 Meridian still has a small town feel and has many great activities for families. 

We were all bundled up to keep us warm because it was a crisp cold night to watch the parade.

I decided I would walk the path instead of trying to stay warm in a chair - it was a great idea!
 What a sight to behold all the beautifully lit floats. 
 Here is the Idaho Potato that they drop from a crane in downtown Boise on New Year's eve. An new Idaho tradition. 

 A human nativity - sorry it's blurry. 
 The Winter land Lights Parade is my favorite! 
 I love all the lights and Christmas music through the air as the floats go by. 

 It really starts the Christmas spirit to bloom inside your heart. In the back ground is the Meridian city building. 

 The mobile Library bus - sharing the gift of reading all around Meridian.

 A Christmas boat in the mix of all the cars. 

Oh, I'm so excited ... look who is coming? 
 It's Santa Claus!!
After Santa made it to the end of the parade at Idaho and Main, they light the Christmas tree.
 And BOOM, fireworks lit the sky! 
I loved attending and I love our small town. Let the Christmas season begin!


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