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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cat Lady Alert

I've never had a cat. 

I've always had a dog for a pet.

When Jason moved in he brought his cat Beebes.
I ordered a cat stand from Petco and it arrived yesterday.

It took Jason and me quite a while to put it together, but it's beautiful and sturdy and he really likes it.

I love that the top cushion is removable for washing.   
 He's even used the scratching posts to scratch on - YEA!

I also purchased sticky paws to put on my couches so he would quit scratching on them before they look scratched on. 
 He's a very mild manner boy and fun to have around. He doesn't like to be held because he was a rescue kitty and was abused. But, he loves to be petted and loved as long as he can get away when he is done. He loves to brush against your legs or plop down in front of you with his belly in the air for a stomach rub. 
 He has a very quiet meow. But most of all, he is such a beautiful cat. 

A huge bonus for me is that he doesn't get on my kitchen counters. I clean a lot of houses that have cat hair on the kitchen counters and that is one of the reasons why I never wanted to have a cat. He is the perfect cat for a clean freak like me!
 I love that he is playing with the hanging balls.
 With both hands.

He hasn't curled up on the cat house below this level. I think if there were small children or other cats in my house he would hide in there. But, there is no threat so he just lounges on the different levels. 

I need to stop giving him so many treats because he's getting fatter then when he moved in. Bad mommy!
 Having a cat is so much easier then having a dog. 
I am definitely becoming a cat lady with this good, beautiful cat!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brady's Halloween Package

It's holiday time and of course I need to send a care package to Brady.

I love decorating the box with scrapbook paper and pictures, trying to give it a Halloween look when Brady opens the box. 

I included a homemade card too - printing the "Happy Halloween" pictured front off of Internet pictures and including a personal note inside. Yup, so very frugal. 
 I decided to send a few decorations this year. He loved having some decorations last Christmas so I decided to send some for Halloween.
 A wreath hanger so Brady can hand the "Enter with Caution" sign on his front door. 
 A few tiny decorations. The skeleton has a tea light holder in the back. I bet it looks cool in the dark putting spooky shadows on the walls. Eeeeek! 
 I included the tea lights and a lighter.
 I didn't want to send too many big decorations because it's a small apartment. But I thought these were so cute!
"Happy Haunting" 
"Mummy loves you scary much"
I HAD to send a witch - they are my favorite!
 "You are wickedly welcome"
 I loved these spiders from Martha Stewart Craft that I found at Michael's. I hot glued magnets to the back. Here is a look of them on my front door - I also added them to my fridge, I thought Brady would love them too.
He also needed a little Trick or Treat candy!
 I also made him a bag of Monster Mix: (I found the free printables from "A Girl and Her Glue Gun" here:)
 Vampire Teeth = Almonds
Pumpkin Poop = Candy Corn
Ghost Poop = Marshmallows
Goblin Teeth = Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal
Bat Poop = Tootsie Roll
Spider legs = Pretzels
Witch Warts = Raisins
Zombie Eyes = Gummy Lifesavers
 Hot Chocolate, for nice cool fall days and he can use the marshmallows in a cup of hot chocolate.
I also love the spicy flavor of Orange Cinnamon Spice herbal tea. 
Both of these items feel like a great fall treat to warm you up. 

Happy Halloween Brady!
I miss you "Scary" much and your "Mummy" loves you!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Spider Sugar Cookies

I love making spider sugar cookies for Halloween family and neighbor treats. I used to make these for school treats when my boys were little.

 I'll tell you how I decorate them.
First - frost with white frosting.
Next, pipe circles of black frosting - like this. 
Nope.... they don't have to be perfect circles.
Next, run a tooth pick from center out the the end of the cookie like a spider web.
I then put a plastic spider on the web to finish it off. 
Make sure you tell everyone the spider is plastic and not edible.
Come in for a "Bite".
I also love to make Pumpkin Sugar Cookies! Yum!

Have a "Spooky" Day!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Enter With Caution, Halloween Decorations 2015

One of my favorite things to do is decorate my home for the holidays.
Here is the outside of my house.
 A little closer view. 

 My porch, I'm really a wicked witch at heart during the Halloween season. 

"Come On In MY Pretties"

"I Have Flying Monkeys, Don't Make Me Use Them"
 A few spiders to scare everyone away. Eeeeek!
 Walking through my front door.
 More spiders .... 

A large fuzzy one hanging from my ceiling fan.
 And adorning the fireplace. 
A close up on the table in front of the love seat:
 A Goblin's pet
Mr. Pumpkin Man.

Being a huge fan of "WICKED" the musical and the Wizard of Oz ....
another "Don't Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys" sign.
 A witches boot, 
I still have a few Elphaba brooms that say "Defying Gravity" on them. (they are writing pens).
And Glenda's magic wands. 
 The display on my piano.
 The Haunted Village
 A closer look 
 A closer look at the village

 Last year I was on a search for wooden "WICKED" letters. I couldn't find what I liked in Boise, so my sister-in-law found them and mailed them too me. 

I started painting them during general conference and finished them this weekend .... a year later after receiving them ... oops... but, at least they are done now. 

I ended up drawing the spiders and spiderwebs on the yellow letters. The purple letters I put scrapbook paper on them. I love how it turned out. I was able to find a witches hat too! So much fun for a total "WICKED" fan. 
Welcome to my kitchen, where I cook up all sorts of magic potions ... wink!
 A Witches Potion Center in the window above my kitchen sink.
"The Crafty Witch's Enchanted Book" is where I get all the potion recipes a wicked witch needs.
 Fairy Skulls, eyeballs, Spider Juice, 
Magic Potion, Skull Soup, Ghost Goo, Magic Elixir, 
Blood "A", "B", and "O". 
 The dining table. 
 On the wall by the dining room table. 
Little bats on the breakfast bar. 
Oh yes, I also have decorations in my bathroom. 

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my spooky Halloween house. 


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