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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Boise Police Candle Light Vigil

I feel very determined not to sit on the sidelines to make my community better. I am going to be one of the driving forces in spreading love, kindness and support to make my community and world a better place. It takes action and I'm stepping up. 

Tuesday night I grabbed my umbrella and braved the rain to attend a "Thin Blue Line Candlelight Vigil".  "Let Your Light Shine" for our Brothers & Sisters in Blue as we come together in unity to show support, encouragement, care, and offer prayers to all our law enforcement families. 

I decided to walk instead of drive over to the vigil even though it was raining (I love walking in the rain). I wanted to show my support for our Boise Police and law enforcement nationwide. 
 When I arrived on the street toward the Police station I was greeted with multiple police cars with their lights flashing. 
 It was an awesome sight!
Our officers to go out every single day, every single call, to unknown areas, never knowing what they are going to face. I know that the Boise Idaho Police are some of the finest officers nationwide. It's reassuring to know they are good men and not corrupt like we see in other parts of this country.
Last Friday, two Boise Police Officers were shot and wounded in an attempt to apprehend an armed suspect in a Boise neighborhood. The two officers, along with a Boise Police K9 who was also shot, were immediately rushed to hospitals. The shooting suspect was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

Police had been searching for Romero since Tuesday, after Meridian police said they believed he shot a man and woman around 10:45 p.m. that evening in the 300 block of East Gruber Avenue.

The two victims, who are both 29, were known to Romero. The woman was shot once in the chest and remains in a local hospital in fair condition.

Police received a citizen tip at 12:45 p.m. saying a person believed to be Romero was spotted in a car that had been reported carjacked. A second report came in minutes later.

Officers searched for the vehicle in the neighborhood north of Orchard Street and Overland Road. They were aided by bystanders who pointed them in the right direction, the department said.

Officers later found the suspect walking down the street. He took off running through the neighborhood. Officers secured the area of Irving Street near Roosevelt and Wilson, and the Special Operations Unit came to search the area.

Shots rang out after police encountered the suspect, who had been hiding. Neighbors reported hearing at least 10 shots.

The Thin Blue Line Candlelight Vigil was organized to give the community a tangible way to show their support and love for three Boise police officers who were injured in a shootout on Friday while searching for a wanted suspect. Those officers are Cpl. Chris Davis, Cpl. Kevin Holtry, and police K-9 Jardo.

 Officer Jardo made an appearance at the Vigil.

A police dog, Jardo, who was injured in the attack. He was shot through the chest and lost a lung, Bones said. He was treated and released Saturday from WestVet Veterinary Clinic.
Unfortunately 2 days later we lost Officer Jardo. It's so sad. There will be a memorial for him next week. 
A smiling Cpl. Chris Davis was released from Saint Al's and was escorted home by officers. 

The other officer, a 17-year BPD veteran, remains in critical condition. We are anxiously awaiting the day when we can watch him be released from the hospital as well. 
I signed the banner - my note is above the "ye" in Prayers in green. 

 The event was put on in part by a group of women whose husbands and sons serve in local law enforcement. During the vigil, they had the public write get-well-soon cards for the injured officers, took donations, and had the public a sign banner that will hang in Corporal Holtry's hospital room. For many of the women, they know there is a chance their loved ones may not come home from work one day.
 A selfie in the dark with my candle. 

I've never been to a candle light vigil before. I didn't know if I was suppose to bring my own candle and asked on the event page. I found out the organizers provide candles for a vigil and they did. 
It was not just the public that came out to show their support during the candlelight vigil; Peace officers from agencies all over the Treasure Valley came to show their support.
The music was beautiful and very touching.

I'm very glad that I went to this event to support our Police enforcement. It was amazing to see all the people who were there offering their support to these brave men and women. 

Thank you for your service. 

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