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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fleet Feet Winter Warrior

One of the great things about having friends who are active and runners is the pressure they put on you into joining activities they are involved in. 

Kathy told me about a program Fleet Feet winter warrior program. 

Fleet Feet Sports offers running/walking footwear, sports bras, athletic apparel, arch supports, training programs, race teams, fun runs, weight loss programs, personal coaching, and much more!  
The Fleet Feet Sports network shares new and innovative ideas to better serve you and your unique needs while continuing to build a culture that puts health and fitness to the forefront of your life.

Located in the Village at Meridian, Fleet Feet Sports serves the larger Boise running community from a very convenient and central location. 
Program Dates: November 2016 - March 2017

Program Goals: Keep you active, outside and motivated with a group during the Idaho winter

Program Cost: $12.  Registration closes November 17th.

How the Program Works
The Winter Warrior Program is an incentive program to keep you active and outside enjoying the winter weather. Check-in and participate in weekly workouts and races to earn points. These points will earn prizes (and bragging rights) along the way. Let's layer up, lace up your trail shoes and have some fun this winter!

Attend any of Fleet Feet Sports or Team Run Boise weekly workouts and earn 5 POINTS every time you participate
Attend any of our approved winter races and receive 10 Points.
Prize Point Values 

50 points- Good Prize
75 points- Even Better Prize
100 points- Great Prize
125 points- Raffle for a super fantastic prize 

As a Winter Warrior you will receive:

Prizes and incentives for attending workouts and earning points
Fun events and themed workouts
I signed up. I need motivation for the upcoming months.

Tuesday the weather was cold and dark at 6 pm. What was I getting myself into?

We met at Fleet Feet and Brandon the owner gave us some instructions. Then we headed to Kleiner Park for the walk/run. I left with the ladies I hiked to Table Rock with and quickly understood that they were gong to be running. 

Again, I thought "What have I gotten myself into?" I am not a runner and was assured that there would be walkers there too. While I was warming up with the runners, a group of people asked if I was Sondra and a walker. YES!!! Kathy sent them to find me so I could walk with them.

It was very dark and scary. I was so thankful to be walking with a group of people. I couldn't do the walk in the dark by myself. Way too scary. 

We had flashlights, but I quickly knew that if I was going to do this I needed to get some reflective gear. I ordered some and it's on it's way. 

I had a great time meeting new people, Jessica, Nick and Jay. 

Now I am signed up for "Meet Me Monday's" for a 7am walk at the mall and Winter Warriors at 6pm on Wednesdays outside. 

I am excited and determined to stay active and motivated during the cold dark winter months.

My Spark People Biggest loser challenge starts again December 7th. We are still the Scarlet Dragons!! However, within our Scarlet Dragon team we have mini-teams to increase the challenge aspect of the challenge. 

The Mini-teams are:
  Hungarian Horntails
Romanian Ridgebacks
Swedish Short-Snouts (my team)

It's going to be fun having an new Biggest Loser Challenge, along with the 2 walking programs I'm doing. This year has been a journey to enjoy being an empty nester and find a great new life as I age. 

Continuing to find "Joy in the Journey" - after your children are grown. 

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