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Thursday, June 30, 2011

$25 Solar Oven

I have always been intrigued with solar ovens. I love that they are sent to 3rd world communities so the women can cook safely. I love the idea of cooking with the sun. Plus with my preparedness mentality, I think it is one more way in being prepared.

However, there was NO WAY I would EVER spend $300 dollars on a solar oven. For goodness sake, it doesn't have any mechanical parts and it costs as much as a real oven. It is way over priced and you are paying the consultant and their consultant in the pyramid scheme. I would never spend that much money, especially when I live in Idaho. 

When it comes to being prepared it's easy to become swayed by some hype and people pushing a product. I say "be wise" and "think" about the purchase before you go forward. 

Really?? Spending $300 on a solar oven doesn't seem very wise or frugal for that matter. (In my humble opinion)
The best areas for year round solar cooking is listed in black. Have you ever seen this map from someone who "sales" the $300 solar oven. If I lived in the "black" area and was going to use this product every day for the rest of my life, I would "think" about the $300 oven. But, I don't so I won't. 

I've had plans to make my own solar oven for a while now. But, while I was cleaning one of my customers (she is in a Relief Society Presidency) she told me she was purchasing a solar oven for $25 dollars. I went to my purse, pulled out $25 dollars and asked her to purchase one for me too. I was very excited!

Next time I was there she had my kit for me. I am sure this is the same kit that is sent to 3rd world countries. In fact on the first page, there is information to donate money so they can send more solar ovens out to 3rd world countries.

FYI - This solar oven came from:
 Solar Cookers International
1919 21st Street, Suite 101
Sacramento, California 95811
United States of America

Tel: 1 (916) 455-4499
Fax: 1 (916) 455-4498

It comes with the heavy duty cardboard solar oven.
An instruction manual with a couple of recipes.
Cooking bag and clothes pins.

This is what it looks like when it arrived.
 Here it is set up. The black pot was purchased from Amazon for $12.
 Here is the instruction manual and clothes pins.
 After I checked it out, I folded it back up and it was a snap. Very portable and light weight, great for an emergency OR summer cooking. I'm very excited with this purchase. 
I will be trying it out over the weekend and next week during my "easy" working week. Plus, the temperature in Boise Idaho is expected to soar to 107 degrees next week. I don't plan on cooking inside during those hot days - that is for sure. 

It looks like my new solar oven arrived just in time. 


Zoey said...

I just can't wait to see how it works. Brandon has watched about making a an oven with a cardboard box. Can't wait for him to try stuff out since he is in scouts now!!!

Garden of Egan said...

Thanks for the info on those. I really want one too.

Temps that high???? Yikes!
I sorta am jealous. I've never been in that before.

Have a great 4th of July.

Patty Ann said...

Thanks for the info, I think it is great, you will have to let us know how you like it.

Valerie said...

I'll be looking out for how it worked. :) It was so cool for so long and now the heat is really here! And my AC doesn't work anymore. Hope the temps dip a bit in a week or two.


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