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Friday, August 12, 2011

Recipe: Chicken Alfredo

This is one of our favorite recipes - which I cook often. It is quick and EASY!

 Chicken Alfredo

Egg Noodles
Packet of Alfredo mix (I use 2)
Heat water to boiling with a teaspoon of salt
Add egg noodles to water and cook until tender
Cut up broccoli and add to glass microwave dish with a lid. Place tabs of butter on broccoli, a dash of salt and fill the bottom with a little water. Cover with lid, Microwave for 4 minutes. (This is also how I make broccoli for a dinner side dish). When it comes out of the microwave, I give it a quick stir in the buttery salted water. 

You could also use any type of vegetable your family likes - even canned vegetables. This is a great food storage meal. 
 Cook thawed chicken in Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine with a dash of Lawry's Seasoned Salt. (this is also how I cook chicken for dinner)
 This machine is my favorite household appliance! I love it!
Beautiful chicken!
 You could also use left over chicken. 
Bottled (canned) chicken, or ham or any other meat you'd like or have left over. 
Noodles are done, broccoli is done, and chicken is cut up. 
While all of this was going on, I made the packaged Alfredo sauce (on the side in the red pan). Cook by package instructions. Usually 1 package is 1 cup milk and 1 tablespoon of butter and the contents of the package. Cook over medium heat until thick. Be careful to stir and not burn the bottom of the sauce or let it boil over. 

I've tried bottled Alfredo sauce and I prefer packaged. I always keep my pantry full of them. It's much easier then Alfredo sauce made from scratch. Last time I was at Winco, a package was only 33 cents. I purchase no name brand - or whatever is cheapest. I normally use the pitcher of powdered milk I keep in my fridge (but I had used the rest of it for breakfast and didn't have any made to use today).
 Pour sauce and mix together.
Serve.... of course with homemade bread.

I make this at least every other week. It is one of our favorite meals. Also, it is a fast easy meal when I feel too tired to cook. Cooking time is 15 - 20 minutes start to finish - to have a home cooked meal on the table. 


Valerie said...

I've never tried packaged Alfredo sauce mix. I might have to try that for an easy dinner. It looks good.

Rhonda said...


Garden of Egan said...

You make that look so pretty.
My mouth is watering.

Michelle said...

looks yummy! my daughter made it a few weeks ago (minus the broccoli because my family doesn't like cooked broccoli).

and then everyone wanted it again last week. but I had no mix so I made it from scratch. yummy!


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