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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weight Loss Journey Week 26

It's been 10 weeks since I posted a status on my Weight Loss Journey. I haven't been doing very well. I'm up 7.6 pounds and at this time have lost a total of 30 pounds on this journey instead of what I posted on week 16 -37.6 pounds. 

I still have been exercising but my food choices haven't been doing very well. I have had non-scale victories even though my weight is up a few pounds:
My measurements went down because I'm exercising. 
Waist - stayed the same 
Hips - down 1.5 inches 
Neck - down .25 inch 
Thigh - down .5 inch 

I'm still on a weight loss journey and am once again motivated to do better. 

The biggest loser challenge started this week and will go for 10 weeks. Our team name changed from Dazzling Diamonds to Scarlet Dragons. I absolutely love being a Scarlet Dragon - just the name is motivating. 
Our team seems like a great team this time and I hope that we keep 100% of them during the full challenge. The frustrating thing I have had during the past 2 challenges that I've been involved with is that people drop out and quit before the challenge is finished. When that happens - there is no way that we can compete with a team who has all the teams posting numbers and are active. I hope that this time everyone will commit to stay for the whole challenge. 

For this challenge the leaders asked all the members to sign a commitment promise (I hope this helps everyone to stay active)
As an Active member of the SCARLET DRAGON'S BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE TEAM, I, hereby promise that I will: 

i. Commit to the team for the full 10 weeks of the challenge, 
ii. Participate in all of the teams weekly Inter-Team Challenge Nutrition and Inter-Team Challenge Fitness challenges to the best of my ability, 
iii. Participate in all of the teams weekly Dragon Team Challenge challenges 
iv. Support, encourage, motivate and help my fellow Dragon team mates. 
v. Record and post my weekly weight, and challenge results no later than Wednesday, 11:59pm your time 
iv. If unable to report and record your weekly stats I inform a team leader prior to the Wednesday deadline, 
vi. I will participate in the Dragon Nest chats, when I can, even if just to say hi. 
vii. If I feel that this is not a good time for me to commit to the challenge but would still like to be on the team I will let a leader know and be placed on the team as an honorary member. 

Remember the more you participate and interact with the other members of the team the more you will get out of it. 

By signing the oath you are agreeing to fully commit your time and will participate to the best of your ability. 
I'm excited and motivated for the Biggest Loser Fall Challenge as a Scarlet Dragon!!
Here are my steps from August and so far for September:
My August goal is 300,000 again, an average of 10,000 a day. 
8/1: 10506 
8/2: 12620 
8/3: 10508 
8/4: 10651 
8/5: 10888 
8/6: 20166 
8/7: 7486 
Weekly total: 82,825 
8/8: 8984 
8/9: 12129 
8/10: 7207 
8/11: 6168 
8/12: 5293 
8/13: 10264 
8/14: 14326 
Weekly total: 64,371 
8/15: 6130 
8/16: 10,794 
8/17: 6867 
8/18: 5434 
8/19: 5071 
8/20: 11,424 
8/21: 14541 
Weekly total: 60,261 
8/22: 15050 
8/23: 12163 
8/24: 14873 
8/25: 13276 
8/26: 10605 
8/27: 15832 
8/28: 16844 
Weekly total: 98,643 
8/29: 18104 
8/30: 7131 
8/31: 10107 
August total: 341,442
My goal for September will be 310,000 steps. 
9/1: 11572 
9/2: 5808 
9/3: 16577 
9/4: 1303 
9/5: 18543 
9/6: 13938 
9/7: 11540 
Week total: 79,281 
9/8: 11932 
9/9: 5749 

I'm going to challenge myself to make sure I'm back on track blogging my journey weekly. Stay tuned. 

We had a really fun pre-challenge called "The Quest for Dragon's Egg". I'll post the story in the next post as it is a long fun story and it was a fun challenge. 
Oh yes, I've decided to post my embarrassing motivational pictures of my body.

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