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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jason Update and Idaho Faces of Recovery

My oldest son is a recovering addict - 60 days sober. Yea for him. The past year he's been living with me after his divorce - not working and being an addict. It was a very hard year for me to watch him destroy his life and wondering if I'd walk into his room and find him dead. He pawned anything he had of value to purchase drugs. He brought bad people into my home who stole from me. He moved girls into his house without asking permission, who then I had to kick out of my house. I hated every minute of it. His brain was so destroyed that it was impossible to have any type of conversation with him.

Everyone around me encouraged me to kick him out of my house. There was a part that wanted to kick him out because it was a scary time for me to have him and others he brought into my home.

But on the other side, how could I kick my son out onto the streets to become homeless. If he was out there he would never become sober, never get well, end up in jail or dead. As a mother, I just couldn't do it.

He tried many times on his own to withdraw from the drugs. He would get so sick - it was awful to watch. The withdrawal period was so painful that he couldn't endure it and ended up back on drugs to fix the pain. I kept telling him to call 211 and get help from the state because there are programs available. I tried to get him help, but they wouldn't speak to me because my son was over age (31) and he had to do it himself.

Luckily 59 days ago he finally decided to check into a recovery center to get clean. He did it for himself. I can't tell you how happy I am that my son is back and doing so well. He goes to intensive outpatient care every day and meetings every night.

There is a free program in Boise to help the residents withdraw from drugs and alcohol safely through Terry Reilly program and Allumbaugh House.  If you know someone in Boise that needs help - please use this free program - it's been a lifesaver for Jason and our family. If you live in other states - I am sure there are other programs that can help for free or a very low cost.

He wrecked 2 cars during the past year and doesn't have one right now. That means I am driving him to his meeting and where he needs to go. It's exhausting to be on the go all the time but it's so important to support him in his recovery. (It's much better then supporting him in his addiction).

Jason had one trigger and almost used drugs on August 23rd - the year anniversary of his Grandma Barb's passing and also around the year when he and Sharon broke up and he moved in with me. It was a bad day for him because he has never fully mourned the loss of his Grandma Barb. Instead of turning to drugs - his first instinct - he called his sponsor and talked it out with him. He is doing everything right and becoming stronger every day. I think he has this!! I pray every day he has this and won't re-lapse into the terrible world of drugs again.

On September 2nd was the Idaho Faces of Recovery Rally. He volunteered, help set up at Ann Morrison Park where they had booths and bands playing throughout the day. Jason was there most of the day for the Rally.

 They had some speakers at the State Capital and then a Parade down to Ann Morrison Park.

I'm very proud of him for the hard work he is putting into his recovery. He's found a job with Frankie's JAVA that he has started and loves. He was upfront with them about his recovery and he will continue to go to his daily meetings M-W and work Th-Su. He's done with work by 4 pm so he will be able to go to a meeting nightly. It's such a blessing that things are working out so well for him.

While Jason was volunteering for the Faces of Recover, I was able to take a walk while waiting around for him to set up. It was during the Boise Balloon Festival as they were rapping up. Only one balloon remained on the ground to give rides and the rest were in the sky.
 This is a wonderful view from one of the balloons looking over the valley and at all the balloons in the sky at a different perspective. WOW!
 I didn't take this picture but enjoyed seeing the balloons in the sky over the past few days. 
 I stopped and looked at some of the souvenir shops during the Balloon Festival. 
 I was very tempted to purchase something - but I didn't - the frugal / debt free girl in me couldn't do it. But, there were lots of really cool things!

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