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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trip to Salt Lake to Move Brady 2016

August 5th - 8th Jason and I drove to Salt Lake to move Brady into his new apartment (you can read about it here).

We had such a lovely time together the 3 of us. The unbelievable fact is I didn't take a single picture!!! That was a total mom fail to have both sons in one location and not take a single picture. 

We were busy packing Brady's stuff up and moving it into his new apartment. I was a sweaty mess most of the weekend and that is probably why I didn't think to take a picture.

We arrived Friday evening and first thing Saturday morning at 7:00 am, his dad Maurice came with his truck to move the big items - the couch, and bed. The rest of the items were were able to move with our cars. 

Saturday we packed and moved most of the day.

One of the reasons we decided to go that weekend was to celebrate Brady's 22 birthday and Jason's 32 birthday at the same time. 

Jason was in his recovery treatment center Allumbaugh House on his birthday. I was able to bring him a Chicago Connection Pizza, balloon and a new iPod Touch. He broke his iPhone in the car wreck he had before going into treatment and didn't have any music to listen to. For his birthday I loaded an iPod touch full of music and gave it to him. 

Because Pokemon Go is such a huge game right now, Brady wanted a New Nintendo 3DS XL.
Brady also wanted the Pokemon X and Y games. I told him I'd get him the Nintendo 3DS XL, but he'd have to purchase his own games. It was too much money for a birthday present - more like a Christmas present cost. He agreed he would purchase his own games. 

Maurice gave him $50 cash when he came to move his bed and couch. So Saturday afternoon we went to Gateway Mall to purchase his Pokemon X and Y games with his birthday money from his dad. 

While we were there Jason and I got new covers for our iPod touch (I bought me a new one because I dropped my old one and the screen is all cracked - boo hoo). I bought a purple flower case and Jason selected a plain black one. We found a great deal and love our new cases. 

With Jason in recovery for his addiction to drugs, he still sought out meeting to attend in Salt Lake. The first meeting Saturday night was in downtown Salt Lake. While he was in his meeting Brady and I went to Big Lots to get some packing tape and a few more things we needed. 

One of the things was Power Steering fluid for his car. It has been making a sound when he turns and he's been really worried about that. I knew right away that it needed power steering fluid, I showed him how to check it and add it to his car. Of course the sound was gone and he was so impressed that I fixed the car. One of the things that kind of makes me mad about this is he is very good at getting his oil changed and they never checked this fluid that barely registered on the dipstick. Oh well, it's filled now and now Brady knows how to check it and fill it when needed. Yea for Mom fixing his car!! A mom of many talents!

Then Brady and I decided to walk around downtown, Temple Square and City Creek. It was a beautiful evening. I love talking to Brady and catching up. Heck, I plain love being with Brady!! 
I ended up with 20,166 steps for the day. I was so tired by bedtime. 

Sunday we packed, moved and cleaned the old apartment. Jason found a meeting on Redwood Road - closer to Brady's apartment that afternoon. After his meeting we took a load over to Brady's new apartment. Jason wanted to walk around downtown Salt Lake City - so we did and I was able to enjoy the sights except in the day time. This is the only picture that was taken the whole weekend at the Brigham Young grave site of Jason joining in of Brigham Young reading to 2 of his children.
 This is my Jason, he's so funny. 
 Later after going back to his new house, Brady, Ellen, Jason and I decided to go to ShopKo to purchase a few things they needed for his new apartment and more black curtains for his room.

 Red Lobster was next to ShopKo so we decided to have dinner there and celebrate Jason and Brady's birthday.
Oh yum! It was good and so much fun to just sit, visit and enjoy each other's company. This is when I really got to know Ellen. She has such a fun personality and we laughed a lot. I just love her!

After putting all the fun things we purchased around the new house we decided to go for a swim at Brady's old apartment. 
The water was so cold but refreshing after moving and the hot day. After swimming we went into the outdoor hot tub which wasn't really hot but warmer the then cold swimming pool. Then we went into the inside hot tube and it was hot and relaxing our muscles after all the movie and walking. 

After swimming, we gave Brady and Ellen big hugs as they left to go to the new house and Jason and I stayed at the old house. It was our last good bye because we were leaving in the morning and Brady was back to work. It's always sad to say good bye. It was wonderful seeing him and spending time with him. I love my boys and with Jason sober it was the best!

I'm so happy that Brady has such a great life. His summer internship job offered to keep him on as an employee. He will be working there part time on the days he isn't attending school. It's so nice that he is making great money and will make as much part time at this job as the full time jobs he's worked during the past few years. He will graduate this next spring 2017. Brady really has worked hard, been on the dean's list every semester in college, found a great job, worked full time and school full time. He's frugal and is great at saving money. He's found a great group of friends and has a great attitude. I see a wonderful future for this young man. He's worked hard, has a grateful positive attitude - he makes this mom proud! 

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