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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Brady's New Apartment

Brady decided that he wanted to cut expenses and wanted to find a place to live with roommates - more specifically girl roommates. He looked on Craig's List to see if there were any rooms available near University of Utah and with girls. 

When he called the contact "Ellen" to see if they would take a male roommate, Ellen said is this Brady, Meher's friend? He said yes!! They actually knew one another and were friends - small world. Ellen and Bailey decided they would love to have Brady as their new roommate. 
A group "Friend" photo. Brady in the center, Meher his best friend on the left of Brady on the left front is Vince and left right is Ellen. (I don't know the people in the back). 

 Brady was really excited to move in with Ellen and Bailey - because they are so pretty! 
This is Ellen. I didn't meet Bailey while I was there.

On August 5th, Jason and I drove down to Salt Lake City to help Brady move out of his old apartment into his new home. You can see his old apartment here: 

Prior to us arriving to help Brady move into his new room, Brady decided to paint it red!
White room into a red room.
 He's recently changed his favorite color to Red and Black. 
Not sure if this is because he is going to UofU and that is their colors. 

 My silly Brady!!
 I loved the color of his room! He did a great job painting it and making it his own. 
 The bedroom Brady moved into is quite small. I think it actually is meant to be an office. Going from his own apartment and moving all of his stuff into 1 small room was a daunting feat. 

At first Brady was going to sale or give away his queen bed, couch, and desk. While trying to figure out how he was going to fit all of his stuff into this small room, he decided to get a loft bed and put his desk under the bed. It was important to have his desk in his room so he could study in a quiet secluded area. 

I sent Brady several links to loft beds on Amazon to give him a few ideas and possible purchase one. 

However, Vince said he could build a loft bed for him that he could use with his queen mattress.
Vince and Ellen
 While we were there Vince built Brady a loft bed frame. Brady painted it black. We also added black curtains to the window and the glass paneled door to his room for privacy. 
 Vince putting the bed together and attaching it to the walls in the room. 
 Ellen helping Brady make the bed.  
Ellen and Brady on his loft bed! Secure and safe - Thanks a bunch Vince!
 I had to include a selfie of my cute son. 
 The girls decided that they didn't want Brady to sell his couch and wanted more seating in their living room. It worked out. They moved the chair on the very back wall where Brady's piano is and put his couch there for more seating. 
 Another angle of the living room - from Brady's bedroom door - looking into the kitchen. 
 Another view of the living room. You can see Brady's white door with the black curtain giving him privacy. It's a large living room and very cozy. 
 The kitchen. 
 More of the kitchen. It worked out nice that all of Brady's kitchen stuff was needed and we didn't have to get rid of anything. 
 The very narrow stairs to the unfinished downstairs where the washer and dryer are as well as storage area for their extra stuff. It's a short basement and kind of scary. They call it a murder basement. It's an older home and I'm sure it's where they kept all of their food storage. It's not a place where you'd want to put a bedroom or family room. It's scary - but useful. 
 The bathroom. (We purchased a new toilet seat that Jason replaced for them and did a thorough cleaning on the toilet). I'm always amazed how a $10 toilet seat makes it look brand new again. 
 I purchased this fixture to house all their shampoos and body wash stuff (Jason installed it for them). I didn't have time to clean their shower - but we did purchase new caulk for them to clean up the black mold along the edge. I was too busy cleaning his old apartment so he could get his deposit back. 
 Vince hasn't finished building the ladder for the loft bed and Brady is still using this step ladder. 
He set up his desk area under the bed and it's working out great for him.  
 The closet area and storage space above the closet and the door to his bedroom.  
 The front door with a cute table and chairs. 
 This is their cute house. The top floor is a separate studio apartment. 
 The back yard party area of the house. 
Here you can see the stairs to the upstairs studio apartment. 

It's a great move for Brady and he's loving every minute of having beautiful girl roommates. 

Here are a few pictures of Meher and Brady:

I love that Brady has found a great group of friend in Salt Lake and is having the time of his life! 

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