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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Crazy Somewhat Scary Walk

Yesterday I went for a walk along the Boise River/Greenbelt by Ann Morrison and Julia Davis park. It was a beautiful evening and started my walk around 6:30 pm. 

When I arrived and parked my car near the children's playground, there were 2 police cars speaking to a woman. They walked over the the play ground equipment right before I started my walk. There were 2 police officers and detectives. I didn't know what was going on until I came home and read my news feed. 

"Boise Police are investigating an attempted kidnapping at Ann Morrison Park Saturday afternoon. 

Police say a mother was in the park near the swings with her three-year-old son. When she looked back, her son was not where she had left him. 

A man was seen carrying the child on his shoulders, walking away from the park. 

The mother ran toward the man and yelled at him to put the boy down. The man complied, then ran away from the park." 

I'm so glad the mother was able to get her son back. It amazes me that this happens with so many people around. 

I walk by myself a lot. I like the solitude where I can think and enjoy the music. On my way back, I had planned to stop at the adult exercise gym in the park and do some strength training. 

When I sat down, I noticed a guy that I had past a few minutes earlier had turned around on the path and came over to the exercise area. I was really weary of him because he was going the other way down the path. He had already past the exercise gym. He looked at the equipment and started to do some exercises. I was the only one on the exercise equipment before he arrived. 

There are people all around and walk by frequently. I kept a watchful eye on him. I didn't want to be mugged. I kept doing my exercises and was on guard to protect myself, scream, fight - whatever I needed to do. 

When he saw some people coming down the path, he decided to leave. I was relieved to see people coming and thought I'd just fall into step behind the other people. I feel strength in numbers. 

I got off the equipment to join in with the other people. I saw the man slow down in a wooded area of the trail. Then the people stopped and looked a the equipment and I couldn't leave by myself because I saw this guy hanging around that area. I did a few more exercises while waiting for them to look at the equipment. When they left I slid in right behind them and felt safer. 

I'm always aware of my surroundings. I don't walk in the dark and usually feel safe and trust my instincts. 

It's so unusual to have 2 weird things happen in a few hours in the park. Per the description of the man who tried to kidnap the child and the man who turned to follow me, it isn't the same person. 

I feel like I did everything right to remain safe. This will not deter me from continuing my walks or going to those parks. Boise is a VERY SAFE community - but there are weird people everywhere - parking lots, parks, stores - everywhere. I am always aware of my surroundings and am proactive in keeping myself safe. That's just what single women do. 

It gave me the creeps and makes me a little angry that this guy tried to spook me. I'm safe, I was able to get my walk in and some strength training in. It just ruined a perfectly beautiful evening ... the jerk!

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