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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Financial Wins

This month I didn't have much additional income. For me this was a month that I had the freedom to say "NO" to more work. Being debt free has given me such freedom. As I've been working so hard to become debt free, I used to jumped at any chance to make additional money to put toward my debt. 

Now that my debt is ZERO, I have the freedom say no and not work so hard anymore. 

This month I had an opportunity to do a "One Time Only" clean for one of my old customers who quit because they were having financial problems. They called and asked if I could clean their home before Thanksgiving. 

It was so nice to be able to turn down this business opportunity and say NO. 

There are a couple of factors on why I said no and say no to one time only cleans:

They are time consuming, they are hard to get a dirty home clean, and I work my body to exhaustion trying to get it clean.

Working so hard to get a house in order and not getting a cleaning contract to clean their home weekly or bi-weekly does not benefit me and all my hard work. 

Saying yes would tell them that they don't have to have my cleaning service because I will come in every 3 - 6 months and fix their home to make their home clean again. It's just not worth the effort and it really is taking advantage of me by not being a regular customer.

It was great to have the freedom to say NO. I feel a little guilty by leaving money out there that I could earn, but I just don't need to work that hard anymore because I am debt free.

It's a great feeling!

I didn't make any money from my blog advertisements during November. This was due to LDS General Conference weekend in October and not having the traffic to my blog during that weekend. 

I have to make a $100 before they will issue a check. For the month of October I fell short by a few dollars: $96.54

The good news is that for the month of November I made $131.38

That means for the month of December I will be issued a check for $227.92

Basically, it's not too bad missing a check in November and get a big one during the Christmas season. This will be my financial win for December - Yay!

Swagbuck earnings for November. 
I ended October with 19703 ($197.03) swagbuck points. 
I earned an additional 8436 in November or ($84.36) for a combined total of 28139 or $281.39.
 I cashed in $250 points in Amazon credits for Christmas. my current balance is 3139 or $31.39. 
I ended up having $283 credit for Christmas from Amazon at the end of November. 

I had Jason and Brady put the things they wanted for Christmas in my Amazon Wish list and I was able to purchase them with the free $283. Christmas is bought and I absolutely love having Christmas presents purchased and done, especially for free. Woo Hoo!

I'll still have more money I'll cash in for Christmas from swagbucks, but I'll probably get them iTunes gift cards for free. 

Gotta love doing swagbucks for extra money! Although they have made some recent changes that is making it harder to earn as much per day as I did in the past - which is kind of frustrating, but whatever ... it's still free money. 

Even though there weren't a lot of financial wins in November, it has set me up for December with extra income to get through the holidays. 


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