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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Decorations Are Done!

It's nice to have Christmas decorating done and now I can sit back and enjoy the beauty for the rest of the month. 
 This is the view walking in from the front door. 
 Inside the front door to the left is this beautiful nativity. 
 On the piano is this big white nativity set. 
 Christmas pictures and stockings hung by the fireplace - too bad I don't have a mantel, but it is on my to do list - someday. I feel sad about missing a stocking for Sharon. Now it's only me and my two boys. 
 The table in front of the couch has some Santa figurines I painted - the middle was purchased. 
 Another table - close up shots to follow:
 My Home Interiors Decorations nativity. 
 Santa, his sleigh and reindeer on the bottom. 
 A view towards the front door with my Christmas tree.
 On the kitchen breakfast bar. 
 On top of my fridge. 
 Terrible picture of the window above my kitchen sink with a snowman winter scene.
 A corner in my kitchen - gingerbread men. 
 The last thing that took me a while to do was put up the garland/lights on the outside of my house. It was so cold (temperature in the teens) that I put it off for a while. I'm always glad when it's up. 
 My nativity flag. 
 My porch. I have a stone in front of the step to hide the cord that goes to the second connection to my outside Christmas lights. I prefer to have them on 2 different outlets so it won't overload the circuit and stop working. 
 A night time look at the lights. 
 And a view of my Christmas tree from the window. 
 After everything was decorated and all my totes put away in the garage, I filled the firewood rack outside the back door. I've been building a fire almost every evening - which I love! It's been really good firewood that I purchased this year. 
And the firewood rack with the cover down. 

It's always a lot of work to take down Thanksgiving decorations and put up Christmas, plus make sure the yard is put to bed for the winter and all the totes are put away. My Christmas presents have been purchased and I just need to wrap the presents and I'm done.

Well .... besides the Christmas goodies I need to bake.

It's only December 5th and I have 20 days to enjoy all of the Christmas decorations, activities and the spirit this season brings.  

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