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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Brady Update

It seems weird that I haven't seen my sweet boy, Brady since last Christmas. Almost a year without seeing him is just crazy. Lucky for me, he is coming home for a week at Christmas and I can't wait!

Recently during a phone call with Brady he said, "Remember when I was 17 and I came down and said: Thanks mom for putting me in piano lessons! I just love playing the piano and having that talent." Then he said, "I am so thankful for being able to go to college and become a computer games / computer science major. I just love it!"

It's wonderful to know that Brady loves so many things about his life and is grateful for his talents. 

I love that he is going to school and majoring in something that he loves. 
I truly believe that if you love what you do, you will have such a happy life. I'm glad he is finding something that he loves to do!

On August 25th he posted this on facebook: *Me walking into my Traditional Game Development class*

"Gasp! Where did all these girls come from?! What? They're on the art side of Entertainment Arts and Engineering?"

*Begging teacher*

"PLEASE!! Please put me on a team with at least one girl! I don't get a lot of that in the Engineering department! Please!!! I'm begging you."

On September 15th he posted this on facebook: I think my life somehow turned into an 80 hour a week work and school schedule and we're not even thinking about midterms yet. I don't think nerds are single because they're undesired people, it's because they ain't got no time for you.

On October 14th he posted this on facebook: I feel so on top of the world when I get my code working the way I want it to. I'm going to be so awkward in industry, "I got things working guys! This calls for an obligatory 30 minutes of blasting Ariana Grande and shaking my booty."
November 16th: I really wish I didn't have to take an art class, but some of the things I end up with make me feel proud. I, a computer scientist can do a thing. A thing in charcoal nonetheless.

Brady's amazing picture of his couch. Wow! 
This is the couch and ottoman he drew -  minus the throw/blanket. 
Another view of his apartment and couch. 

He really has so many talents!

Overall Brady is doing great! He is working really hard in school. He has a professor that is a killer and he and his friends have a study group trying to deal with this nightmare class. They put in about 30 hours a week just studying for this one class. It's crazy! 

He goes to school Monday through Thursday and is usually at the school 8 am - midnight each of these days. There are many days he is up until 3 am working on the homework for the rest of his classes.

Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday he works 10 hour shifts to get 30 hours of work in per week. 

He is one busy kid. I'm glad this term is almost over and he will be out of this nightmare class. 

One good thing that has happened is this group of kids banning together to pass this class has made some great friendships. They are planning to go to Seattle for spring break. I asked him why they aren't planning to go somewhere warm like Cancun? He says most of his friends want to move to Seattle when they graduate.
 I think I have almost talked Brady out of moving to Seattle - or at least looking at different places that don't rain all the time and have an overcast sky - which causes depression. Hopefully he won't choose to accept a career in Seattle (I wouldn't want to live there when you can live in Idaho and have beautiful weather and blue skies with 4 season). OK, I really would love him to live in Boise - ha ha ha ha.

Also, this group of friends are thinking about renting a house next year and living together. That would be great and less expensive then Brady living alone. 

I'm so proud of all that Brady is accomplishing in his life. I see a very bright future! 

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