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Monday, November 23, 2015

Jason's Wreck

November 10th, 2015 Jason was involved in a wreck which totalled his car. 
 Luckily he wasn't severely injured during the wreck. His car did not have any air bags. He hit the stirring wheel pretty hard with his hand and chest. We thought his hand might be broken but after a few days it seemed to be OK.

He didn't go to the hospital because he felt he would be fine. 

He had bruising on his chest, especially where the seat belt was. 

His knee hit the dashboard and was pretty sore for a week.

Overall, he was really lucky he wasn't hurt and could walk away.
 Jason was not at fault. He was going straight through a green light when some stupid driver pulled right in front of him making a left hand turn. 
This stupid driver was trying to out run the cars and turned in a diagonal way. Jason slammed on his break trying to avoid the wreck but he was going 35 - 40 miles an hour going through the light because it was green. 

The impact was so bad that the rear axle and tire of the other drivers car came completely off.

What makes me REALLY mad about this is that the other driver's insurance is All State. They are stating that Jason had 10% of the fault. What a crock! Also, All State got off easy, no medical bills, no rental car and it was an older cheaper vehicle. I can't believe they are trying to screw Jason with what is owed to him. 

How can he be at fault when Jason had the green light was going straight and the other driver turned in front of him? We are continuing the fight with All State - I can't believe they are putting any blame on Jason for this wreck - Argh!
He didn't get much for his car - a 1993 Ford Escort, but he did get some money. He found a 1984 Ford Bronco with 146K miles on it for $800. It runs and will get him where he needs to go without getting into debt. 
 At least he has wheels again to get him where he needs to be. It's such a manly vehicle. 

Unfortunately, It's so tall that I can't get into it without a helpful lift and push. ha ha ha!
The big kicker of this whole wreck is this:

Jason is currently going through a divorce which is now final.

His ex-wife received the paperwork for the yearly registration renewal for his car and never told him or forwarded to our home.

She also - without notifying us, took his car off of the insurance plan but couldn't remove Jason as an inusred driver until the divorce was final. 

They day before the wreck Jason got pulled over for expired registration and we found out that he didn't have a current insurance card in his car. The fine was $198.

The next day and the day of his wreck, he went and re-newed his car and found the current registration card. 

Then he got in a wreck. Just think of the damage that would have happened if the wreck was Jason's fault. He would have been ruined financially - just because of the actions of his ex-wife. 

I don't understand her doing this stuff without notifying us. It's just mean and I am so mad at her for putting us in this risk. 

Since Jason was an insured driver we were able to get the ticket for no insurance waved, but we still had to pay the ticket for expired registration - $69.

When I went through a divorce I was so nice about everything. It would never cross my mind to put someone whom I had loved into this type of risk. I'm so disappointed with this type of stuff. Unfortunately I've loved Sharon as a daughter and this behavior has completely burned the bridge on any relationship I might have had with her in the future. It makes me sad.

Now that the divorce is final - November 14th - we just move on.

We were lucky that the wreck wasn't Jason's fault. I shutter think what could have happened and am thankful that it all worked out and Jason has a car again and can move on with his life. 

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