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Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Financial Wins

October was AWESOME! With lots of financial wins!

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Swagbuck wins!
Finished September with 9509 swagbucks or $95.09.
Ended October with 21903 or $219.03
I made $123.94 in October
I find that the closer it gets to Christmas the more I am working on making swagbuck money. My plans are to have a great Christmas for free!
I did purchase a $25 gift card so my final October balance is: 19703 or $197.03

I also have been on a health insurance discussion board for Select Health. I don't remember how I  became involve with this discussion group, but they have given me some Amazon gift card rewards that I haven't mentioned before. Here is what I have earned:
September they gave me $15 in Amazon gift cards!
October they gave me $30 in Amazon gift cards!
Just for being part of the discussion on health care insurance. Woo Hoo!

I also earned $100 for helping out one of my business customers I clean. They asked me if I could cover their office while the staff  (family business) was away for a weekend wedding. I covered the phones on a Monday morning while everyone was traveling back into town. It was fun to work in an office again, a nice change that gave me a nice financial bonus.  

I also earned a $50 gift card from my bank. It's part of an incentive program that gives a bonus if you reach a goal in your savings account. Now that I am debt free I am moving money into my savings account instead of paying bills. I love watching it grow. This is the first time I've reached the program incentive balance. I've always had to take money out of savings to help with college tuition, when my children need financial help or when I run short in paying bills. It's really nice that I am finally in a position to start building my savings emergency fund. 

Best of all I'm still debt free!
(except my house)

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