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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Thanksgiving Home

 It's November and of course my decorations need to change to reflect Thanksgiving.
 "Turkeys Welcome" hanging on my front door.
A Turkey flag waving in the fall breeze.
  On the inside of my front door are a couple of crafts from Brady. Unfortunately I didn't keep anything from Jason - The blessings of having children 10 years apart - now I am an older wiser mom that saves these cherished things verses a young hurried mom that didn't keep much after a season passed with pictures on the refrigerator. 
 Piano decorations,
 Indians and Pilgrims
 I made this cute turkey several years ago at a Relief Society craft night. 
 Mr. and Mrs. Turkey on the coffee table. 
 A larger view of my living room. Notice the cute turkey hanging on the wall. Brady made that in school from a wire hanger and a nylon and then added paper feathers and legs. It's one of my favorite decorations for Thanksgiving. So cute. 
 More Indians, turkey and Pilgrims.
 The bottom of this table is the horn of plenty, a huge pine cone turkey, Thanksgiving subway art, and a fun booklet that Brady made when he was young. I love that I kept these mementos. 
 "Gather Together with Thankful Hearts"
 Also another favorite decoration is my beautiful Indian girl. I only bring her out for Thanksgiving. She is beautiful. My mom gave her to me several years ago.
 Scarecrows on top of my refrigerator (they were there during October/Halloween but I didn't add them to my Halloween decoration blog).
 The window above my kitchen sink turned from a Halloween Potion center to Indians, turkey and Pilgrims. 
 More on top of my microwave. "Be Ye Thankful"
 Dining room cupboard. Turkey's and Pilgrims. 
 My sister Chris gave me these blocks "Give Thanks" and are at the edge of kitchen breakfast bar.
On the back of the blocks, it says "Jingle Bells" for Christmas. 
Of course my build a bear turkey. 
When I change seasonal decorations, I put all the old ones (Halloween) all on the bed of my spare bedroom. Then I carefully wrap them all in tissue paper and load them into totes until next year.
They are all wrapped up and put away. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Such cute decorations. I'm such a grinch. Now that I don't have any kids or grandkids around I don't want to do any decorating.
I also will be working for the entire thanksgiving weekend so it's a double whammy.

Your countertops still look so good.
How are they holding up?
Have you had any regrets?

Sondra Murray said...

Oh no, I don't have a single regret at painting my kitchen counter and cabinets. I still LOVE my new kitchen. It's held up really well and I still marvel at how beautiful it is everytime I walk in to cook. I love it!

It's a bummer you have to work Thanksgiving weekend.

I don't think I will ever tire of decorating for the holidays.


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