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Monday, November 23, 2015

Preparing My Yard For Winter

Preparing my yard for winter is always a big job. Pulling out all the annual flowers out of the ground and cutting down all the perennials. 

My city has free leaf and plant pick up in November. I try to get my yard completely cleaned up during this free pick up time. Our city ran the free pick up November 2 - 20th. That gave me 3 weeks to completely get it cleaned up. 

It's funny but I always wonder why I have so many flower beds in the spring and in the fall. It's such a huge job during these seasons. But, I have to admit that I do love to enjoy all the beauty it brings all summer long. One day as I get older, I plan to have most of the flower beds removed because it's such a big job. 
 While I was at Home Depot picking up the paper lawn garbage bags for recycling I saw a great deal on spring flower bulbs. I decided to get some and plant more flower to add to the spring beauty as the world awakens once again.  
 After cleaning up my berm, I planted all these bulbs - 240 bulbs on top of what I already have planted in my berm. It should be a beautiful sight if the squirrels don't dig them all up during the winter. 
 Bags and bags of garden clean up to be recycled and this is only 1 week out of the 3 weeks I put out bags of foliage from my gardens. I love free pick ups and the ability to recycle all the foliage from my gardens.
 We had our first light snow storm November 17th. It didn't last long and the roads were clean - which just happens to be my favorite kind of snow storm. You can see all my little flower beds are all cleaned up for winter. 

I've built lots of fires in my fire place and absolutely love the hardwood - firewood I purchased this year. It's nice and cozy to have a fire built, nice soothing music playing through the house and sitting a reading a book. Some of my favorite things in life. 

I'm blessed to have a strong body to take care of my yard. 
I'm blessed to have a beautiful warm home. 
I'm blessed to live in Idaho where I can enjoy 4 seasons of weather and all the beauty each season brings!

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