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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Do You Wanna Build a Fire?

My order of 2 cords of firewood was delivered yesterday. I ordered it from someone off of Craig's List. I requested that it needed to be delivered on a Saturday so that I could get it stacked and put away on my day off. 
 After they put off the delivery week after week I was a little afraid it was a scam and I would end up without any firewood. I was understanding and nice on the phone each time he called to cancel the delivery. 

When he called on Sunday letting me know my order would be delivered Monday I scrambled to arrange my work schedule. There was no way I was going to refuse the delivery after worrying about it being a scam and not getting firewood for the winter. 

I didn't get any firewood last year and used up all the remaining firewood I had. I really needed this delivery.

He arrived at 6:45 am Monday morning. I requested that he dump the firewood in the alley behind my house where my garage is located and where I park my cars. Usually I have had it dumped in the front of my house so that it didn't block the alley.

The last time I had a delivery of firewood in the front of my house, the truck broke my curbing along my flower bed. I wasn't going to risk that again and decided I would just block the alley.

Paul, the firewood delivery man was kind enough to unload the firewood out of his truck and trailer by throwing it into the driveway and didn't block the alley. That was really kind of him and it made me relax about blocking the alley.

I loved having the firewood right by the garage. It was a lot easier and less labor intensive to have it delivered there!
 It was nice that Jason was here to help me stack the firewood. I ordered a hardwood instead of pine - which is suppose to burn and last longer. 

Here is the first row of firewood in my garage getting started.
The second row and starting on the 3 row. In order to fit the wood in my garage, it needed to be stacked to the ceiling. 

I ended up with about 20 stumps of big wood that will need to be chopped into smaller usable pieces. Because it is hardwood, it doesn't chop easily. You can see Jason outside the garage chopping some down. We didn't get very many chopped down to size because it is really really hard to split this hardwood. I may just have to throw those big pieces away.

Over all the firewood is beautiful! We were able to get it stacked and put away before it started to rain Monday. 

Now, I'm ready to build a nice cozy fire!


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