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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weight Loss Journey Week 13 and 14

Week 13 (June 11) weight loss - .8 pounds
Week 14 (June 18) weight loss - .4 pounds
Total weight loss -1.2 pounds.
At least it wasn't a gain - because .....

I've been in a mood where I haven't been very motivated. I've had a bit of depression and anxiety. I haven't eaten the best or exercised as much. The weather was a lot cooler last week and I just wanted to hibernate in front of the TV. Argh! I hate when I feel like that.

But, I won't give up.
I'm feeling better again and motivated. 

I've been terrible at walking. A neighbor who I haven't met before came over a couple of weeks ago and showed interest in walking with me. She's seen me walk and wanted to join in. She's much older than me - probably in her 70's. This has put a snag on my motivation to walk. When I'm ready, I like to put my music in and move. I don't want to slow down or have to coordinate my walks because my schedule is all over the place. The pressures of having someone walk with me or watching me go on a walk and not taking the time to invite her has made me dread going on a walk. 

I don't know why it's affected me this way, but I just wasn't motivated to go on walks anymore. That was my first down fall. 

With the weather being so cool, I didn't want to go swimming because the water in the swimming pool isn't that warm. It's great on a hot day - but brrrrr on a cooler day.

Then my eating has gotten out of control and I was reaching for snacks, chips, ice cream and stuff like that.
Luckily for me when I was making all those bad choices, I did try to make myself move and get my steps in. I think that was my only saving grace to have any weight loss at all. 

I've been feeling sluggish, bloated and just blah. 

I'm not going to post my nutrition because it was bad. 

I did go on the "Nature Path" walk last Friday.

I did NOT go on the Boise Spark Team walk on Saturday.

I did go on a long walk Sunday evening. I could tell that my body was starting to get weak again. 

I've been hit and miss on riding my exercise bike. 

Yesterday I went swimming and felt a boast to my mood. I also worked in my yard, trimmed and mowed it. I had over 15,000 steps in and it felt great.

Today I had a super easy work day only 3 hours. Since I was in Boise, I took an hour walk on the nature path. Came home and went swimming. I plan to go swimming (treading water) again at the evening open swim.

I've feeling better, motivated and not so blah and bloated. I feel like I'm back on track. I did read an article on Spark People about why we quit. One point was being a perfectionist and not allowing ourselves to fail and not be perfect. That really hit home for me. I've had some off days - but it's OK - I don't have to be perfect all the time. I just have to keep going. 

I laughed when I saw this quote - it now hangs proudly on my fridge. 

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Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

You are so inspiring! I love that you even have down days. IT's nice to know you are human.

You are truly amazing.


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