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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Beautiful Flower Gardens 2016

Welcome to my garden 2016
Front Door 
The berm on the side of my house/property looking from the sidewalk to the back yard. This year I planted yellow Marigolds and red Geraniums. 
 Looking from the back gate to the sidewalk on the same berm. 
 Inside the back gate to the back yard. I added Petunia's with the yellow Marigolds and a few red Geraniums. 
 The kidney shaped berm off of the patio coming in from the gate. 
 Flower bed by my detached garage. Red Geraniums, red roses, Daisies will be blooming soon. The Iris' are finished blooming but they were a lovely blue. 
 Red Geraniums on the side of my patio. 
 This is a continuous flower bed that rounds from the patio above to the fence. More red Geraniums. 
 The Patio.
It's really beautiful this year.

I didn't plant any vegetables - I'll just shop at farmers markets this year for fresh veggies.

I added 36 new bags of bark to the flower beds this year.

I really love the yellow Marigolds and red Geranium look this year. It will look even more lovely when everything fills in. 

I sure love my secret garden!


Val said...

Hi Sondra, lovely garden, I live in an apartment, so no such luck for me. I know its a loooooong shot, but you don't know the Butikofer family from Boise?

Sondra Murray said...

Hi Val, Thanks for the nice comment. Sorry, I don't know the Butikofer Family. Thanks again! Sondra


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