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Friday, June 3, 2016

Nature Walk

I finished work early today, it was a very light work day, and I decided while I was in Boise I would go for a walk on the green belt. However, I went to the walking path in the subdivision I was working in and it wasn't the green belt, but a nature walk path - also along the Boise River. 
Unfortunately I didn't have my tennis shoes on for a walk just my sandals. I went anyway! I ended up doing 3.01 miles in an hour (7071 steps). 
I loved the walking path. I felt like I was in the mountains on vacation taking a hike. It was lovely! You couldn't hear the sounds of the city, only the river and birds. 

The trees lined the path making it shady on this hot June day - 82 degrees. 

I was so envious of the people living in the houses along the nature path. Then I decided to change that thought and just be thankful that I lived near this beautiful walking path and was grateful we have such a beautiful place open to the public to walk on. I am determined to start walking here when I'm in the area. 
There was a little waterfall along the path. The smells, sounds and sight of the Boise river take you away from the city while in the city. I enjoyed every minute of my nature walk. 
I even came across a big wild rose bush. Beautiful! 
Next time, I will be prepared with walking shoes. I'm so lucky to live in Boise Idaho - the city of trees. It was a lovely day and I'm glad I took the time to take this nature walk. There will be more of this to come. 

I'm also really excited that some team members from the Boise Idaho Spark People Team are meeting up to walk the green belt tomorrow by the zoo. Apparently you can see the giraffe's head poking over the wall while you walk by the zoo. It's nice getting outside and enjoying the beauty all around us! 

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