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Monday, July 11, 2016

June Financial Wins

June Financial Wins

My Business, Sparkling Clean. I did an extra clean for one of my customers who had a party scheduled: $150 extra money earned not budgeted

Blog Advertisement: $135.26
I'm getting a check every other month from my blog. Thanks again for clicking on an advertisement on my blog!

Swagbucks: I'm still not doing very much. 
May balance: $4.94
June balance: $11.59

I saved $37.88 a year on my Sunday newspaper subscription. I called to cancel my newspaper subscription because I hardly read it. I only get the Sunday paper to look at the ads. But, they reduced it so much to keep me that I renewed. Yeah for making a phone call.

Unfortunately I paid out a huge part of my savings for a new air conditioner and furnace this month. I knew that my A/C was on the brink of dying and was trying to wait it out. Unfortunately the motor went out and I just decided to replace it. It was only $1000 dollars more to add a new furnace so I did both. The grand total for a new furnace and A/C was $ 5,791.71. 

I'm glad I have a savings to pay this bill in full and am still debt free. However, it took a huge chunk out of my roof savings as well. I will still get a new roof before winter, and may have to put some on my credit card which is heartbreaking. But, I will have this completed this year. No more waiting until I can pay for it in cash. I will then work really hard to pay it off as quickly as possible. 

It's great to have money in a savings/emergency fund so when huge bills appear, I don't have to stress out. I love being debt free!

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