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Friday, March 6, 2009

Fireproof the Movie - A MUST SEE!!

I cannot tell you how much I LOVED Fireproof. This movie needs to sweep the nation. It is inspiring and a GREAT movie!
I feel the need to purchase SEVERAL copies of this DVD and loan it to everyone in my ward and neighborhood until everyone has seen this movie. I am serious. Every parent that has grown married children, they need to purchase this movie and give it to EVERYONE of their married children.

If you are newly married or have been married for a long long time - you need to watch this movie!

This movie is heaven sent. It has a great Christian message for any person, regardless of the religion they belong to - even if they don't belong to a religion. You can feel the spirit in this movie. Those people who put this together received this inspiration directly from Heavenly Father. The message is sooooo clear - we need to strengthen marriages and families!
Marriage is hard ..... everyone needs a reminder how priceless it really is... That you make a covenant a promise to each other that you need to work on daily.
If you put through the effort together daily .... you can have a LOVE story .... a true LOVE story of your own. Plus, it only gets better when you invite the spirit of the Lord into that union.

They have a website associated with the movie ....
Take a positive step today to watch this movie with your husband or wife. Then give it to a friend to watch. This movie has the possibility to sweep the nation and strengthen marriages and families.

We Christian - all of us - all religions who believe in Jesus Christ need to support these types of Christian movies. The kind that inspire us to be better, live better and most importantly - invite our Savior to be part of our lives daily.

I hope you will all purchase a copy of this movie and share it's wonderful message. Truly - we need to inspire others around us with the gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthening Families.

I LOVED THIS MOVIE and you will too... You'll need a few tissues!

I thought this review of the movie was great too - check it out:


Karen said...

Hi, Sondra, I don't mind at all that you linked to my post. I appreciate it. Thanks so much for writing. I agree with you---EVERYONE should see this movie! It's a must see!
God bless,

T. L. C. said...

Hey Sondra,
I took your idea and rented a movie from the REDBOX the other night and rented the Australia movie. LOVED IT! I cried so hard.
But, then again I'm so hormonal LOL

So, I've heard RAVE reviews about Fireproof and it will be my next pick when I return the movie tonight. This was very inspiring review you gave and so I'm sure I'll love it!

Hope your having a really good weekend ! :D !


Small House said...

I Totally agree! I watched this movie with my husband few weeks ago and we like it to. We both were a bit teary. We decided that this is a must have movie for every bishop to have in their office.

My son is teaching a family that is struggling with their marriage, and I suggested to him in our last email, to have them watch this movie.

Have a great day

Zoey said...

I'll add it to our list. It sounds good! Thanks for the recommendation!


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