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Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter Decorations Outside our Home

Have you been waiting for more Easter decorations?? Here are the decorations on the outside of our home.
Our cute bunny Easter flag
A full view of our Easter, fun house on the block - Home. Do you feel the Easter spirit? Are you ready to hunt some Easter Eggs?
My porch has a Bunny Family to welcome you! We also have a bunny wreath and other fun Easter wall hangings.
Easter Eggs adorn the trees. They each have a wire hooked on the regular Easter eggs, that I place on the trees, one by one. I know... I am pretty silly.
Years ago I found these cool Easter yard signs. I found them when I lived in Salt Lake City, UT and I've lived in Meridian for 10+ years... So they are old, but still in great condition and being used each year.

Did you notice an array of spring flowers? Beautiful isn't it?? Are you laughing yet?? They are fake silk spring flowers. It just give it the extra umph of spring fever and Easter spirit.

I'm known as the fun house on the block. People always stop and tell me how much they love it (when I am outside). I'm glad to be the silly decorating lady on the block!


Robyn said...

Love LOVE the trees! Cute idea!

Mom said...

Heray spring is here anyway at your house. Everything look so great. Of course I love the flowers. Maybe now the snow is gone I can put mine out. My house inside looks great.

Ann Marie said...

Your house is even an Easter color!
So darling!!!

I love the easter egg trees. That is so something I would do too. :)
Who cares if it is alot of work?? It looks great!!

Glad you bring sunshine and smiles to your neighbors...


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