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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brady is Sick

Brady stayed home from school on Friday .... sick little boy. However, we went to Godspell and he seemed to be OK. He had a little cough, but he didn't seem like he was weak or really sick anymore. I was really happy that it wouldn't be a bad cold.

Saturday, I made him breakfast and left for the Primary Activity and Visiting Teaching. He seemed to be doing OK. I left him without any guilt for leaving a sick kid to fend for himself.

Saturday evening he was really feeling SICK! His throat was raw and hurt pretty bad. It was after 6PM when he told me. All of the urgent care places were closed and I didn't want to take him to the emergency room. I gave him soar throat spray and lozenges, rubbed his chest down with Mentholatum....pulled out the humidifier... just to get him through the night.

Sunday morning I decided not to miss church so I went. I knew it wouldn't be fair to my co-teacher to leave her with our huge class by herself. I would go to church and then take Brady to an urgent care facility after I came home. The biggest shock was that we only had 5 children in class today - WOW! Maybe sickness is going around the area.

I left after class, not attending sharing time. When I came home Brady seemed OK - but I wanted to get him on antibiotics if he had strep throat. We just went to St. Alphonsus urgent care in Meridian. It took a long time to get checked out and out of there.... almost 2 hours.
Brady seemed fine while we were there. When the nurse did the blood pressure and pre-doctor stuff she mentioned that the throat cultures they had been doing came up negative. She also told us there were a lot of people coming through from Meridian High School (oh great!). I hoped that we could at least get some antibiotics for him - so he would get well.

I was doubtful as we sat and joked with each other while waiting for the doctor. She finally came in and listened to his lungs. She heard wheezing in the lungs and gave us a prescription or a "Z Pack" and told us not to send him back to school until Tuesday. Brady is not to happy about that.

She also told me to give him Mucinex to break up the congestion in his lungs. Tonight he is feeling pretty bad. He isn't eating much and is stuffed up, coughing and miserable. Poor little guy. I sure hope tomorrow brings a healthier boy and he will be able to attend school on Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 17th he is signed up for the Seminary Devotional... I sure hope he is well or I'll have to go and give it - because everything is ready to hand out. He'll get better - I know he will.

It is sooooo very sad to have a sick kid... We don't get sick to much -- and I really don't like it at all. Of course I've cleaned and changed his sheets on his bed. Cleaned some more to get rid of this horrible bug in our house. Yuck!!


Janel said...

Strep was brought home from school to me by my daughter and then we both got bronchitis! 4 times to the doctor for us in 2 weeks! I was miserable but I felt really bad for my Mary Anne (she's 9). I feel for you and Brady. I couldn't wait to open the windows! I hope this passes quickly (and you do not get it)!

Cherie said...

This "thing" really hangs on and is affecting alot of people. Poor Brady.
My daughter has had it in some form for almost 2 weeks. She was really bad for a few days and then the rest of the time she has lost her voice, etc...and not particularly felt bad it is just there.
Taylor is doing better. I have made him stay in bed so he is back to school today and hopefully won't have a relapse.
Hope the medicine helps and Brady is up and feeling better soon!


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