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Saturday, June 4, 2016

May Financial Wins

May Financial Wins

My Business - Sparkling Clean - wins for May:
I earned $340 extra income from a one time only clean and a new customer clean. Plus I gained a new customer. My business is completely full. I don't have any extra space and am working at full capacity with 2 houses per day and 1 business clean a week. 

I hate working this much, but I just look at the dollars coming in and my goals that I'll achieve faster if I work this much.

It's great that I am making a good living in my business being self employed. 

Blog Advertisement was zero for May.

SwagBucks awards: $35 in Amazon gift cards received.
I'm not doing much anymore. My balance is 494 swagbucks, or $4.94. I might do it again sometime because it is nice to have free money. Right now, I'm taking a break from doing it.

I'm back on the Wellness Summit Panel. It started up again and I received $5 Amazon gift card for joining in again. It's easy to be on the panel and fun when rewards are given.

I'm still debt free, my business is doing great, I have enough money saved to put on a new roof this fall. Overall life is great being debt free. FREEDOM!

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