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Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016 Financial Wins

What I loved the best about entering 2016 was having zero credit card debt or any debt but my house payment. It was a great way to start a new year. 

I hope that you are encouraged to become debt free or staying debt free in 2016 too! 

I didn't have very many wins this month, but I did make swagbuck money:

I started January with 3345 swagbucks = $33.45. 
I made an additional 8038 swagbucks = $80.48.

I cashed in $50 in Amazon gift cards.

My balance going into February is 6683 swagbucks = $66.83.

My Amazon Prime membership fee of $99 comes out February 14th. I will have $50 of free money to credit to my Prime membership - hopefully $75. Such a great way to reduce this annual fee. I love my Amazon Prime Membership - but love it even better if it's reduced to $50!  

My Blog advertisement money didn't make the $100 in December to issue a check in January.
 It made $80.59 in December and in January I made $72.03 - which  means in February I'll be issued a check for $152.62. I'm always happy when my blog makes money!

I lost my 90 year old customer in January because he is having health problems and living with his daughter. At this time I am not going to replace his spot - I'll just take the additional time off because I am debt free. I love that I am able to cut back on working so hard and have more free time. 

As I mentioned last month, one of my customer's husband past away at the end of December, but his wife will remain a customer and returned to having their house cleaned again in January.  

My goal is to to keep being as frugal as possible and build up my savings as much as I can this year. I still need to put a new roof on my house this summer. But my main goal is to have 6 months of emergency funds in my savings account. After that I will start working on paying off my house as fast as I can. 

Being debt free in 2016 will bring me peace and happiness. Now, I see my dreams and goals coming true!

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