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Monday, February 22, 2016

54th Birthday

WOW! 54 years old. Time just flies by when your having fun. 

My mom came to town over President's Day weekend and we were able to celebrate my birthday together. I was completely spoiled!
 She bought me this beautiful orchid. It's lovely and I hope I can keep it alive. 
 She also crocheted me a pair of pot holders. The red and white were for Valentine's Day and the brown were for my birthday. 
 My sister Chris spoiled me with garden gloves, lots of seeds which I absolutely LOVE! A $25 dollar gift certificate to Fred Meyers for flowers!!! What an awesome gift because I love planting lots of flowers in my yard and can't wait until spring!! Plus a couple of books because I love to read! She completely spoiled me!
My visiting teacher dropped by these garden stakes - Smile, Simplify, Relax. 

 My mom Zoey, Jason and I went to a movie at The Village and enjoyed the fountains there. We had to take a couple of pictures. 
 Jason and Grandma Zoey

Sondra and my Mom, Zoey.
Jason and me.

We also went to Sizzler for Steak and all you can eat shrimp and salad bar. I do love Sizzler!

After the movie we went and had some Frozen Yogurt while we were at The Village. 

It was a bunch of fun. While we were there we also saw the fountain perform or dance to the music "Jump". My mom hadn't see the fountain dance before and she loved it. 

It was great having my mom visit for a few days. 

I had a great birthday / Valentine's Day and President's Day celebration all at once.

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