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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Oil Change

One of the skills my sons didn't get from their single mother was learning how to change the oil in a car. 

Thankfully Jason had his friend Brandon come over and teach him how to change the oil in his new car.

You might recall that Jason just purchased a 1984 Ford Bronco the end of November - here. Well, unfortunately the motor died a month later - the week of Christmas. Jason hasn't had a car since then.

He found another car to purchase from a friend - a Honda - for $300. It had been sitting for a year or so and needed an oil change. They changed out the battery and spark plugs before he purchased it. It's an older car - but it runs. I hope it runs for longer then a month. But the goal is not to have a car loan - so he is purchasing what he can with cash (with his mom's help). 
 Jason's new car!

Brandon and Jason changed the oil and Jason was taught a new life skill. Thank you Brandon!

It's always nice when you don't have a father in your life to teach you life skills that there is someone in your life that can teach you. Now Jason can teach Brady!
Yeah for new life skills.
Yeah for new to Jason car for $300 that runs.
Yeah for remaining debt free!

1 comment:

Valerie said...

When I saw the title to this post, I thought you were gonna explain how you change the oil in your car and I immediately thought, "Is there nothing this woman can't do????" It's a little reassuring that there is this one thing you don't do. :)

It sounds like you have taught Jason well (and he listened) about living without debt!


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