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Friday, January 1, 2016

December 2015 Financial Wins

December was a great moth to receive extra financial wins!

Blog Advertisement check was: $227.92
Swagbucks earnings in December: $108.45
I started with 3139, earned 10845 in December - equaling a total of 13984 swagbuck points.
Or $139.84
I cashed in 7500 or $75 in additional Amazon gift cards to spend for Christmas. 

This made my free swagbuck Amazon Christmas:
Nov: $283
Dec: $75
Total Free money earned: $358

I loved having a free Christmas!

My current balance starting off January 2016 is: 3345 or $33.45

The total I earned in 2015 was $813 in free Swagbucks money that I cashed in for Amazon credit.

In December I also received a $20 Amazon gift card from the Select Health survey panel I've been on the past few months. 

I received wonderful Christmas bonuses from my customers:

Christmas Bonus   
Becky $200
Mabs $18   
Fran  $0   
Vera  $0  Husband passed away 12/30 didn't clean all month due to failing health  
Aline $110   
Erma $20   
Jerry $100   
Jen $100   
Charlotte $30   
Heather $100   
Bonnie $75   
Total Christmas Bonus $753  

It was a great month and year for Financial Wins and becoming Debt Free!

Here's to a prosperous New Year in 2016! My all your goals and dreams of financial freedom come true!

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