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Saturday, October 29, 2016

I'm A Mama Dragon

A few months ago my sister in law sent me a text to google "Mama Dragons". 

When I received the text of course I googled it and was immediately in love with the MAMA DRAGONS mission. This is who I am and I knew that I needed to become a Mama Dragon too! I sent an email hoping to connect with the Mama Dragons in the Boise area. 

The name “Mama Dragon” came from a blog post Meg Abhau had written shortly after her 13 year old son came out of the closet. This is from her blog from May 8, 2012.

“I have always been a mother bear. Once I found out about Jon, that didn’t seem a fierce enough title. There is a whole new level of protection that has come over me. I now call myself a Mama Dragon. I could literally breathe fire if someone hurt my son. Dragons have talons, scales, claws, fangs and they can fly. I will use all of these resources if someone were to hurt Jon. So, we are circling our wagons around him, but I know we can’t protect him from everything. And as a Mama Dragon, that is the hardest part of this. I don’t know what the future holds. I just know that there will be love.”
Lisa and Vicki

I had a great opportunity to join with the Mama Dragons at their booth at a Suicide Prevention walk "Out of Darkness" at Kleiner Park by The Village in Meridian, Idaho. Vicki from Mama Dragons contacted me and invited me to join in. I'm really excited to be a Mama Dragon!!  
 Sondra and Lisa
Sondra and Vicki

I had a great time reaching out to people who stopped by our booth. It's all about showing love one to another, giving hugs and letting LGBTQIA know that they matter and are loved. 

I'm extremely excited to meet others in the area who have LGBTQIA children. It is my hope to bring safety to our children and make the world a better place by loving these dear children of God. They matter and they are loved - they need to know this. They are valuable and deserve to live a happy loving life. 

The "Out of Darkness, Suicide prevention was such an emotional event. 

When my son came out as a gay man, my biggest fear was that he would commit suicide. This is a huge concern with parents who have LGBTQIA children. I know within this group there are been so many losses of children and we are fighting to prevent even one more child who doesn't feel valued or worthy to be who they are. 

We need to stop this trend, this hate in the world against these children of God. They are wonderful, valued, smart, gifted, lovable children who have much to bring to the world. Lets love them, hug them and support them to be who they are. Let's stop the hate that is out there and make this world a safe place!

Here is a little bit about the "Out of Darkness Walk":

Several hundred people gathered for the Treasure Valley's Out of the Darkness walk Saturday morning, an American Foundation for Suicide Prevention fundraiser meant to promote resources and provide support to those contemplating suicide or affected by it.

The event, held at Kleiner Park in Meridian, raised over $40,000 for the Idaho chapter of the AFSP, which was created about a year ago. Speakers praised Idaho's recent suicide prevention mandates before teams of walkers embarked on the 5K around The Village at Meridian.

"The legislature and health care commission of Idaho have recognized suicide as the No.1 issue facing the state," said W. Stewart Wilder, president of the Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition. He said Idaho's suicide prevention initiatives are "really unheard of" on a national level.

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