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Monday, October 24, 2016

Hike to Table Rock, Boise Idaho

Along the foothills that line Boise Idaho is a cross that sits over the valley. The cross is set upon rock and it's called Table Rock. 

My walking group from Boise SparkPeople set up a walk to hike up to Table Rock.
I heard it was a difficult hike and I was pretty scared to do it. For me, it's always difficult to do something unknown and that I haven't done before. It's completely outside of my comfort zone. 

I debated back and forth if I was going to join the hike. Finally, I just had to push myself outside the door and make myself do it. I know the only way I will live a beautiful life is to challenge myself and push outside my comfort zone.
We met at the Old Penitentiary off of Warm Springs Avenue.  
 Hiked up to Table Rock with my walking group at 10am Saturday morning. It was a great view of the valley with the fall leaves.  Too bad there was a haze over the valley this morning - but still beautiful.
 There was a huge fire around the 4th of July started by fireworks. You can see how much burn area there was.
 The cross that over looks the Boise Valley.
Even though I had to push myself out the door to do something outside my comfort zone and something I haven't done before I did it. I'm glad I went and know that I can do this! It wasn't an easy hike but so worth it! Yea!

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