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Saturday, April 2, 2016

March 2016 Financial Wins

If you don't know how to save, no amount of money will ever be enough.
March 2016 was a quiet month for financial wins.

The great new is I have $6700 saved for a new roof so far. I'll start getting quotes next month to see how much it is really going to cost me. I estimate that I'll be ready to pay cash for my new roof by June.

Blog Ad Check was zero. 

Swagbuck wins for March was: 8103 or $81.03.
I cashed in $105.00 dollars for Amazon gift cards
3/6: 2200 swagbucks for $25
3/6: 2500 swagbucks for $25
3/21: 5000 swagbucks for $50
3/28: 500 swagbucks for $5

I am starting April with 2794 swagbucks or $27.94.

I didn't earn any extra money with work, but have some extra earning opportunities in April.
I did have a couple of requests for 1 time only cleanings that I turned down again this month. 

Life is so much better when a cloud of debt is gone from your life - it's freedom! 

Another favorite quote of mine:
"All too often a family's spending is governed more by their yearning than by their earning. They somehow believe that their life will be better if they surround themselves with an abundance of things. All too often all they are left with is avoidable anxiety and distress" Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, May 2004

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