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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Weight Loss Journey Week 4

I lost 5.4 pounds this week!! Squeal!

I've been consistent for 28 days now and I'm starting to get into the groove of things.

I LOVE my pedometer. I love challenging myself to walk more and be more active. 

Here are my steps:
3/30: 6008 / 2.56 miles 
3/31: 6809 / 2.9 miles 
4/1: 10576 / 4.5 miles 
4/2: 9024 / 4.01 miles 
4/3: 9685 / 4.12 miles 
4/4: 7522 /3.2 miles 
4/5:9775 / 4.16 
4/6: 12150 steps / 6.2 miles
4/7: 9670 steps / 4.1 miles
4/8: 10991 steps / 5.02 miles

I'm still riding my exercise bike for 30 minutes each day. I've even increased the tension from 2 to 3. I'm getting stronger.

I've been going on a 25 minute walk every day too. I've been putting in a lot of exercises to help me with this weight loss journey.

My calorie / nutrition overall for last week. 
I went over sodium on Thursday and Friday - but not too much. 
I'm still not making my Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium requirements.
I didn't meet my Protein requirement on Sunday by only 1 point and Friday by 10 points.
Overall I'm keeping everything in range.
 Sunday's food. I grilled fish/Tilapia and had leftover grilled shrimp for a few days. 
Monday food - left over Tilapia and Shrimp for dinner:
 Tuesday Food.
 Wednesday's food:
 Thursday's Food:
 Friday's Food:
 Saturday's food.
I went shopping Friday and decided to get a few frozen dinners to make it easier on me when the weather is so nice and I don't have to make an effort and time to cook something good. They only thing bad about frozen dinners is the amount of sodium in it.

Also I saw Turkey burgers - which are lower in calorie then beef burgers. I'm going to try it today. I just want to be outside grilling in this weather. (I did grill the fish and chicken from the other meals this week). Sometimes you just want a burger.

I also found sandwich thins for the burger bun.
I also purchased Bagel thins. I ate one this morning with egg and cheese. Yum! 

I am totally a bread person. I need carbs. I also need chocolate - but have resisted. That is the hardest thing for me is sweets. But, fruit helps a lot.

I love that strawberries are in season. Yum!
The other thing I've figured out is that a banana is NOT as filling as an apple or an orange. So, I've completely switched to slicing an apple or having an orange in my cooler during the day while I work.

I've also started putting in a sandwich to eat between houses that I clean each day. That has really helped me stay on track and not be starving when I get home and feel like I need to eat and eat and eat. 

I'm getting this figured out - although my stomach grumbles all the time. It feels like it's starving. 

Here is the amount of exercise I've tracked: 
wed 3/30: 101 min / 1129 cal burned 
thurs 3/31: 100 min. / 1058 cal burned 
fri 4/1: 60 min / 735 cal burned 
sat 4/2: 105 min / 978 cal burned 
sun 4/3: 70 min / 672 cal burned 
mon 4/4: 79 min / 707 cal burned 
tues 4/5: 92 min / 846 cal burned
Wed 4/6:  100 min / 938 cal burned
Thurs 4/7: 78 min / 711 cal burned
Fri4/8: 84 min / 798 cal burned

Overall, I'm trying really hard on this journey and I'm feeling great about my progress.


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