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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weight Loss Journey Week 5

I lost 3.8 pounds this week!
was the biggest loser on the team challenge!
My team Cruisin' for Losin' is in first place this week!

(As a side note, I was in 2nd place for biggest losers last week. I've also been the biggest loser on my team both weeks! It's very rewarding to be on the challenge.)

It's all very exciting and motivating to keep going forward with my goals to lose weight this year.
 My SparkPeople user name is THINK2BFIT.
I'm still on a streak for 35 days on:
 riding my stationary bicycle for 30 minutes each day
logging my food
drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day
being active on SparkPeople by logging in each day.

It's nice to work toward streaks and not miss a day.

This past week the steps I took with my pedometer and my exercise minutes:
4/10 Sat: 12705 steps / 84 min of exercise 
4/11 Sun: 6176 steps / 55 min of exercise 
4/12 Mon: 9667 steps / 84 min of exercise 
4/13 Tues: 10440 steps / 93 min of exercise
4/14 Wed: 11255 steps / 153 min of exercise
4/15 Thurs: 9110 steps / 100 min of exercise
4/16 Fri: 9439 steps / 137 min of exercise

 My nutrition information for Sun 4/10 through today Sat 4/16, 2016.
Sunday food log: 
 Monday food log:
 Tuesday food log:
 Wednesday food log:
 Thursday food log:
 Friday food log:
 Saturday food log:
I've been really tired this week because I've did a major clean for one of my customers who purchased a new house. It always wipes me out. I had to really make myself do my exercises on Wednesday when I started the new house major clean and finished it on Friday. I put in 12 hours of major cleaning - 6 hours per day plus the other house I had scheduled to clean. (I clean 2 houses per day).  

In a couple of weeks I am going to clean the old house they are moving out of. Exhausting and I use lots of muscle - but love the extra cash!

I hope that I can continue to lose weight every week and keep on track. It's kind of hard to image I'm on week 5 and still doing well on all my goals. I think blogging helps me stay motivated and accountable.

Thanks for joining in on my journey.


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