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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Basket/Box Mailed

This year I didn't do anything Pinterest cute for Brady and Jason's Easter basket like I did last year.

I just mailed Brady a St. Patrick's Day box 2 weeks ago. Eater arrived very quickly this year and my boys get goodies two times this month. They are so very spoiled.
 No frills or thrills this year, just basic Easter basket goodies. 
 I've decided just to send bags of candy instead of dividing it up. Plus I purchased a bunch of smaller items too. 
 It's nice to add the Easter grass to the box and bag for a true Easter Basket feeling. I added just a 12 x 12 Easter scrap book paper and the image of Happy Easter to the box and bag. 
 Last year I started just doing a paper bag for Jason since he lives in town - it's much easier and I like this much better then storing the baskets to use once a year. 
A peek inside Jason's Easter bag.

Happy Easter to my spoiled adult boys. I love you! 

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