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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Box Mailed!

I've been seeing how other people decorate the inside of the box they mail a package in. I've loved the idea and this year I did it. I decorated the inside of the Brady's Easter Box.

I printed out Happy Easter, Hop, Hop! and I love you on different pastel card stock I had on hand. Then I glued it to the inside of the box. Then I found some cute Easter Egg clip art image search, pasted them on a word document and printed them. After cutting each egg out, I glued them around the box. I thought it looked quite festive.
 Here are the items I included in Brady's box. 
 A few miscellaneous items just dropped inside the box. 
 I loved this hand out idea for "Bunny Tails" from "like a pretty petunia" that I found on Pinterest. I added the handout to Hostess donettes because I couldn't find round donut holes, but I thought this would work.

 I also loved this M&M Easter Poem tag from "U Create, it's good to create". I added it to some Peanut Butter M&M's because those are our favorite M&Ms. 

 I really wanted this tag "Some Bunny Love's You" on some bunny peeps. But the store that I purchased the Easter candy from didn't have any. Can you believe it?? So I added it to some Kit Kat Bunny Ears that I had purchased. I was bummed, but I didn't have time to run around to stores hoping to find bunny peeps. 

 I've seen these carrots made with Cheetos and fish crackers. I've always wanted to put one together, and finally did. It looks kinda dorky, but it works. ha ha ha!
 I loved this bunny face sucker idea from "like a pretty petunia". It was too cute to pass up.

 Of course no Easter basket in our home is complete without silly putty. It's a tradition for our family. 
Brady's Easter package has been mailed and received. I hope he enjoys his Easter far away, but always knows his Mom loves him and is missing him.

For Jason and Sharon I put theirs in a paper bag and decorated it like I did Brady's Box.
The front of their Easter bag.
The back of their Easter bag. 
I finally bought some bunny peeps and added the SOME BUNNY LOVES YOU tag on those peeps.

I like their Cheeto carrots better then Brady's. 2nd times a charm (Sorry Brady - wink). 
All the loot in their Easter basket is the same as Brady's but double.

Happy Easter!
I love that I used bags this year! I loved this idea!

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