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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Update Cleaning Supplies I use in my Cleaning Business

I have a professional house cleaning service and I clean houses every day. The name of my company is Sparkling Clean, because that is what I leave behind every time I clean.

I had a request to update the cleaning supplies I currently use 2015. 

Here is what I take to clean every day.
 Currently I am having an issue with vacuum cleaners. I prefer Eureka, but they have changed their vacuums along with every other brand out there. When I vacuum, I need the front of the vacuum by the roller to lift. Now we no longer have a vacuum with great features because a younger generation of CEOs who have no idea how to vacuum a floor the right way. All those young CEO have ruined their vacuum companies by getting rid of the function we need to do a faster easier job in cleaning our home. There is NO WAY to leave a markless carpet when the front of the vacuum doesn't lift anymore. Now all our homes will look like a mess of vacuum tracks and not smooth and beautiful. 

I leave a markless carpet - without seeing vacuum tracks. It's a beautiful look and it requires the vacuum to lift. If the front doesn't lift, then I can't go back over the previous vacuum track without making a hard stop vacuum line each time I push the vacuum forward and bring it backward. No more beautiful carpets because we don't have any good vacuum manufacturers anymore.

Also, when I vacuum a throw rug, I lift the front end so that I can come back over the rug without the rug lifting up or getting the fringe stuck in the roller. Plus, if I need to go from a carpet to a throw rug - you have to actually LIFT the whole vacuum to make the transition. If your throw rug has fringe, lifting the front of the vacuum and pulling back allow you to have all the fringe laying flat and beautiful.

The other reason I like a lift, is if there are leaves on the floor, popcorn, cereal, bigger debris - I don't have to use the hose. I can lift the front of the vacuum and pick it up - so much faster and easier. 

I haven't been able to purchase a new vacuum for a while. I've been picking up as many older versions as I can on ebay and amazon. I don't know what I will do when all of my older vacuums are broken. 

I have my mop bucket and a smaller bucket inside for doing the showers. 

Currently the best mop I can find is a Libman. I also have a Libman broom, a swiffer and my extension rod with a circular brush on it to get cobwebs and clean ceiling fans. 
 Here you can see the brush for cobwebs.

I have my cleaning caddy and cleaning rags.

To hold my cleaning rags - I just use a grocery bag and have extras bags inside for used cleaning rags.
 Here you can see the 2 buckets - they nest together. 
 My cleaning caddy.
 Here are the products I use:

Comet  (I don't like any other brand)

Mr. Clean for mopping the floor. I like Lemon smell.

Soft Scrub. I have a gel and the regular soft scrub. I use the gel on stainless steel appliances. No I don't use stainless steel cleaner. I work too hard to get rid of finger prints to put on some type of greasy film from stainless steel cleaners. I want my stainless steel clean and germ free. 

Furniture Polish: Endust, Behold, Kleen Guard

Window Cleaner: Sprayway and 409 window cleaner - these are the only thing I use on mirrors/glass.

409 cleaner - I prefer lemon smell.

Clorox clean up. I've just saw the new product "Bleach Gel" when I purchased last. I love it!

Lime-A-Way toilet bowl cleaner is my favorite.


 Libman toilet bowl brush and a smaller brush with handle.

Scouring stick for Toilet bowl ring.

Razer blade

Magic Eraser

Scratchless sponges. 

Missing from picture is an SOS pad. 
I just purchase my cleaning rags at a regular store. 
For windows I use a cotton flour sacks. They do better after they've been wash a lot - more absorbent. I also don't use any type of fabric softener sheet - because it makes the towel leave a streak.

Regular hand towel

Microfiber clothes that I use for dusting.

Washcloth - I like it to have ridges.

That's it, this is what I use to clean a house. 


Unknown said...

A house can be very messy and dirty sometimes, even if it appears to be tidy at first glance. There are usually dirt, crumbs, or leftovers that can be found in unexpected areas. Anyway, it seems like you’ve got everything under control, and that you’re prepared to tackle this duty. Thank goodness for all those cleaning materials and detergents you have, it makes cleaning a lot easier and effective. Thanks for sharing!

Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Inc.

apple said...

Thanks for all the cleaning tips. I really appreciate this list as well as the cleaning tips. Can you please tell me what you clean with Comet and what you clean with Soft Scrub? I know you clean tubs with Soft Scrub. Also, for what do you use 409, Clorox Cleanup, the Magic Eraser, and the SOS pad? I'd love to use these cleaners but need to know what they are best used to clean. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I enjoy your blog. :)

Sondra said...

Hi Apple, At the top of my blog are some tabs. One says "Cleaning Tips". If you click on that it will bring you to a list of the cleaning blogs I have posted. There are some cleaning tips/helps that I use in my cleaning business. I hope that information helps you. You can always leave me specific cleaning questions and I will try to address them and add it to my blog. Thanks again for visiting Happy Clean Living.

apple said...

Thank you. For what types of things do you like to use the Magic Eraser? Are there any surfaces you don't suggest it be used on?

apple said...
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Sondra said...

I love my Magic Eraser, but I don't use it a lot, because it doesn't last long. I use it on baseboards to get scuff marks off, I use it on spots in the bathroom where makeup as been ground in to surfaces, I use it if a marker or pen has been drawn on a counter. Mostly stuff like that where I spot clean a tough mark/stain. It is abrasive, so I am careful on most surfaces to make sure I don't eat through the paint or glossy surface on flooring. I have found it useful to get rid of tough fingerprints on stainless steel appliances by lightly wiping them away with a magic eraser. There are many uses, but I mainly use it for spot cleaning tough stains.

apple said...

Thank you so very much. I sincerely appreciate it. I need to use it more, but have been a bit afraid as I used it a time or two on our bathtub and it did a great job, but either it or the tub cleaner I was using, sadly took some finish off the tub so that now it gets dirtier much faster.

Unknown said...

That is a pretty comprehensive set you have. I am not someone to really stick with a certain brand and I really like to try new things. I actually have a closet full of pretty much every cleaning product there is. And I actually do get around to using them all. I just think it keeps my house very fresh.

Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply Co.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have been trying to use all organic cleaners. For a while I would only use natural chemicals like vinegar for cleaning. I would make everything myself. I even made laundry powder and toothpaste (not with vinegar obviously). I feel like over the past few years they have brought out a few safe and good products.

Larry Brannon @ Leonard Brush And Chemical

randyorton said...

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