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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Richard's Visit Equals Staycation Part 3

Continuing on with our Wahooz Fun Zone day:

After riding the go carts we decided to do the water boats.
 It was a hot day and we thought it would feel great and refreshing.

During the instructions they told us NOT to get the attendants wet. When Rhonda got into her boat, she grabbed onto the console and accidentally squirted one of the pretty girl attendants. Rhonda was so embarrassed, and sorry that she squirted the girl - but it was kind of funny too. 

As we left the docking station and into the pool, we weren't quite prepared to get as wet as we did. We got soaked!

I laughed so hard trying to squirt as many people as I could and maneuver the boat around the pool. It was really fun.

There were a ton of kids that knew what they were doing and kept getting us wet. 
Here is an after shot of how wet we were. There went the hair do for the day. Oh well, it wasn't a beauty contest we were there to have fun.

Richard was so tall that no matter how he tried to duck or get out of the way the water squirter directly hit him every time. There was a boy who had it out for Richard - he thought it was pretty funny. We did too - It was great!

Next we played miniature golf hoping to dry off a little.
 We started out taking score, but half way down the course we figured out we were doing it all wrong and quit taking score. We really were just having some fun. 
 Hope and Tymber. 
 Hope did really great, she even got a hole in one. 
 I like Rich's one handed putt - as he tried to hold onto his water bottle and score card. Too funny. 
 Sondra and Richard. 
It's such fun being with family, joking around, encouraging each other and cheering each other on. 

This day at Wahooz just kept getting better and better. 

There is more to come in Part 4. 

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