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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Richard's Visit Equals Staycation Part 2

Wednesday of Richard's family visit and my Staycation was totally awesome!

I worked in the morning (cleaned 2 large houses) and when I arrived home, Rhonda had made lunch and it was there when I arrived - a BLT sandwich. Loved being pampered when I came home from work.

Then we headed over to Wahooz Fun Zone. Rhonda who shops at Ridley's grocery store saved up all her shopping points and was able to get 4 FREE day passes - a $150 value. Woo Hoo for great frugal deals. 
The first thing we did when we arrived was ride the Go-Karts. I've never ridden them before and I've sure missed out because it was a blast!

While I was waiting in line I sent a quick text to Brady - because I was thinking of him. Brady's summer job after his college freshman year was working at Wahooz doing the Go-Karts. You can read about it here: 
 Sondra in her Big Foot car, ready to go!
 Richard in his Cricket car ... he thinks he will win!
 Hope in the Patriotic car ... looking sassy on her first ever driving a car. 
 Me again, 
 Richard and Hope
 A picture of Rhonda - Yay cause we never have pictures of her, because she is usually the one taking the pictures. 

It was so much fun racing around the track trying to pass one another. We loved every minute of it! Hope really was a speedy driver her first time driving. 

We went in to get a drink and lost Tymber. We waited for her and waited, finally we decided to go find her. Guess where she was? 

Taking another drive around the course - that silly girl. 

It was fun watching her go past, but I pointed a naughty finger at her because she didn't get us to go with her. 

Stay tuned for what we did next in Part 3

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